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  • Can you really trust your husband… employee… child?
  • How do you know they aren’t doing something they shouldn’t be doing?
  • You probably already know… that what a person… does and …says can be COMPLETELY OPPOSITE.
  • In fact I have a story that illustrates this point perfectly…
This story is a complete dramatization…but is it happening to you?
I didn’t think I’d ever have a problem with my wife playing away. We were married with two great kids, a nice home and decent enough jobs. Money wasn’t a problem and the day we got married had been the best and proudest day of my life –  for me and for my friends and family.
But then, out of the blue, things started to change. One of the first things I noticed was how she wouldn’t leave her cell phone lying around any more. I’d even notice from the upstairs window that she was making calls from out in the garden. Now, this wasn’t immediately suspicious – what did I have to worry about, right? But the nagging feelings kept tugging at my guts. I wanted to try to get to her phone the next time it rang, to see her reaction, but we had always made a point of the privacy that we gave each other and this would have been out of character. I either didn’t want to believe what I was starting to fret over, or my suspicions were completely unfounded – I told myself I was just being silly. But that nagging feeling never left me, totally.
Soon after, she started going out at strange times. She always had an excuse – yoga, seeing a friend, going to the gym. Except, since when did yoga classes change times from week to week? How come I got that call for her from the friend that she was supposedly visiting? I knew something was up when this happened. And as soon as she saw her friend again, I knew that she’d know I knew.
The incredible tearing up inside that that call left me with is difficult to describe unless you’ve experienced the same kind of pain. I had suspicions that she was seeing somebody else, of course, immediately, but the pain was more about the lying – the trust that I’d thought we had for each other had literally been blown away – that was one of the hardest things to take. I truly had thought that she was my soul-mate and that we’d be together forever. For the first time, contemplating that this might not be the case became the over-riding and unbearable feeling that took over me. I sank to the depths, but I still didn’t absolutely know or have proof.
I knew that I had to find out the TRUTH for certain.
Fortunately my friend came up trumps with a plan. He had recently had a case at work where the managers had installed some software onto the sales force’s phones because they had suspected that one of the sales guys had been skimming off the company. They managed, with this simple software, to find out where the guy had been (a competitor) via Google maps and who he had been calling. They even intercepted the text messages between him and a competitor company that sealed the deal against him.
After looking online, I knew that this was the easiest and cheapest way that I would get the evidence that my wife had been cheating on me. In the back of my mind, I still held on to the thought that this was all a mistake. There were genuine reasons for the subterfuge. We could salvage this.  After some research I found the ideal cell phone spying software online at a pretty low price. There was no hassle, it could be downloaded instantly. I just needed to install it on my wife’s cell phone. I managed this one evening while she was in the bath, and my suspicions were confirmed within days as the software allowed me to track her cell phone and movements by an interface with Google Maps. I saw the damning text messages. I even traced the number of the guy she had been calling – and who had been calling her. It’s difficult to even describe the way I felt at this point. Seething, sad, mad, sorry all-in-one.

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My life has moved on now and I can start to live again. Between me, my ex-wife and the children we’re trying to make it work for them. They are the most important things, however we decide to play around as adults.
If you’re having problems with an unfaithful partner, a suspicious employee, or simply want to ensure that your kids are not mixing with the wrong crowd, you now have at least one outlet where you can keep a watchful eye. Good Luck.

4 thoughts on “Warning: Incredible Cell Phone Tapping Software Secrets That Get You To The Truth – Quickly!”

  1. want to find out if my husband is cheating,, he sais he wanted to t\get on a date line for fun i want to see if he did and what was said

      1. Hi, well I don’t know what date line is? Is it a cell phone chat line? Or a text message sex line? If it is, then this software will help you to find out what he’s been sending and receiving.

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