Cesar ReinersHi I’m Cesar Reiners. I’ve been interested in phone tapping technology since watching spy movies when I was a kid. As a teenager, I would make small transmitter receivers with simple components and try to intercept phonecalls made from my own home. Now I’ve moved on to studying the variety of cell phone spying technologies available today and how they are keeping up with the constant improvements and innovation to modern day smartphones like the iPhone and Android phones. This blog is all about my continual learning in this field and will contain reviews, tips and strategies for successful phone tapping and will talk about some of the cell phone tapping devices available on the market as well as useful cell phone tapping software available online.

While it may seem a strange hobby to some, and there are privacy issues that need to be grappled with, the legitimate reasons for using cell phone tapping technologies are many and, generally, involve concerns over cheating spouses or partners, concerns over suspicious employees or concerns over the well being of our children. These are legitimate concerns and so I’ve made Phonetapping.org in order to help those that need to find out about what is available, what is effective and how to use the technology correctly.

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