An Honest And Frank Review of Spybubble Cell Phone Spying Software

It’s been all the rage recently so I thought I would purchase a copy of Spybubble Cell Phone Tapping Software. It claims to work with most Apple iPhone, Android smartphones, Blackberry and Symbian, so it is a pretty much up to date piece of spying software.

The first thing that I have to say is that the Spybubble cell phone spying software download was very quick to get hold of. Basically, as soon as you’ve paid, you are directed to a download link and also given access to the Spybubble Online Secure account from where you can monitor the information that its gives you.

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What Can Spybubble Cell Phone Spying Software Do?

If you have reservations about what your husband, wife or partner is up to, you will be able to essentially spy on their cell phone activity. The same goes for employees that you are suspicious of or feel that you cannot trust, and also you’ll be able to keep an eye on what your kids are up to. Basically, you can upload the software to any cell phone or mobile phone and monitor the activity from that phone via a website interface that only you will have access to.

What Are The Essential Spybubble Cell Phone Spying Software Features?

  • Monitor sms or text message exchanges
  • Use the Geolocator to find out exactly where the phone is at any time it is used via Google Maps
  • Monitor the incoming and outgoing phone numbers being called or received (And call duration)
  • View the cell phone contact list
  • Ability to print reporting spreadsheets and reports from the stored data

The Essential Spybubble Cell Phone Spying Software Features in Detail

  • You can read every text or sms message that was sent or received by the cell phone, even if the message was immediately deleted after it was received. It will be stored in your web interface for future reference.
  • Whenever the cell phone is switched on you’ll be able to see exactly where the cell phone owner is via Google Maps GPS tracker. You won’t have to worry if they’ve been lying about going to the gym, to work, to school or to a competitor’s office.
  • You’ll be able to see which numbers are being called by, or are calling the target cell phone. You’ll be able to see the time of the calls and duration of the calls. No more do you need to worry about who she is calling when she’s up in the middle of the night downstairs or supposedly gardening at the bottom of the garden. If the number is connected to a name in the phone’s memory, you’ll be able to see that, too.
  • Every number that is stored on the cell phone will be available to you
  • Of course, if you are ever worried about losing or deleting texts or phone numbers yourself, you can always use it as an online backup of your own phone activity.

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What Are The Uses Of The Spybubble Cell Phone Spying Software?

The obvious uses are monitoring the activities of people, that for whatever reason..and sometimes it’s just gut instinct, that you don’t trust. They could fall under the following categories:

  • Cheating Spouse. Cheating Husband. Cheating Wife. Cheating Girlfriend. Cheating Boyfriend. Cheating Partner. If you supect an unfaithful husband or an unfaithful wife or have reason to suspect that your partner is having an affair with another man or woman, then this cell phone spying software could provide you with all of the evidence you need to confront them with absolute assurance of the facts.
  • Untrustworthy Employees or workers. Are your employees ripping you off on phonecalls when they should be working? Are they talking or exchanging information with competitors? Are they selling company assets on the side? If you have suspicions in this regard, you’ll do well to upload this software to their company cell phone. The license covers multi phones for a one off payment.
  • Are your children hanging around with the wrong crowd? Who are they speaking to? Where are they going at night time? Where are your children going when they are supposed to be at school? If your child has a history of  bunking off school, skipping school or playing truant, this will give you the ability to know exactly where they are at all times

The Advantages of Spybubble Cell Phone Spying Software

  • Spybubble cell phone tapping software is available for almost all types of phones and you can check compatability before purchase
  • The software is easy to install, comes with full instructions and an online interface for monitoring and help. The set-up is jargon free and easy to do even if you are not all that familiar with the internet and uploading / downloading
  • Once installed, the Spybubble Cell Phone Spying Software is undetectable by the user – you’ll just need a short time alone with the phone to get it installed.
  • The web interface, customer help (pay the extra $9.95 for extra support – it’s worth it if you are not too tech savvy)
  • The software is cheap. Lets face it – for $149.95  today’s SALE Price of $49.95 for peace of mind or knowing the absolute truth is a price worth paying..
  • There is a 100% 60 day, no hassle money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason

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12 thoughts on “An Honest And Frank Review of Spybubble Cell Phone Spying Software”

    1. As far as I know it can be used regardless of who the carrier is. You would have to go online using the internet browser on the target phone and download it that way – just like you would any app. Oncethis is done, you won’t need to touch the phone again. You log into an online account through any PC, Laptop of other phone and you can see all the data from the target phone through your secure account (they send you the username and password for this when you purchase the software to the email address that you use to pay – they also send you the download key via this method which allows you to download the software to the phone.)

    1. As long as you can get online with the phone for about 10 minutes you would be able to install the software. If he keeps it locked all the time you would need to know his pin number.

    1. Yes it will work overseas. But you do have to have physical access to the phone initially in order to install the software! After that, it will work wherever the phone is in the world. Essentially, the data that you want (i.e. text messages etc) are intercepted to a secure server which only you will have the username and password to. Once the program is installed on the target phone it can be used anywhere in the world but all the intercepts still come to your online account from where you can view all the data by simply logging into any pc and getting online.

    1. Yes, this will work in most countries – You can check on the cell spy software homepage for compatability. Hope this helps.

  1. It’s very rare that somebody will find this software on their phone. It really doesn’t leave any trace of it’s existence. There are some very tiny side effects of having this software installed such as the battery may run down slightly quicker and the phone may feel slightly warm even though it’s apparently not in use. However, unless you’re some sort of electronics techy it would be very difficult to ascertain that the phone is being spied upon. Also, once bought you can use the software on any amount of phones. Hope this helps.

  2. I put this to the manufacturer and here is their exact quote. I suspect you would have to be a techy / phone specialist engineer to be able to extract any useful information – and that’s if you managed to discover it in the first place, which, in itself, is highly unlikely because of how well the app gets hidden.

    “Only the IT person or tech savvy can find and know if it is a spy application. There is no way a normal user can find the application”

  3. When you go to download it how do you download it and after you download it does it hide itself or are you supposed to do something to hide it

    1. You will be given the download page to surf to with the phone’s web browser. It’s simply a matter of surfing there and downloading the software. And yes, Spybubble hides itself once installed, although you will want to erase the internet surf history which is pretty simple on most smartphones.

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