My Boyfriend is Sexting Other Women

My boyfriend is sexting other women – I know it’s happening, I saw one of the texts. However, since he knows I saw it he’s deleting everything but I’m sure it’s still going on. What can I do to find out if he is still sexting and chatting to other women on his phone?

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Well, you can invest around $50 in some spyware that will allow you to see remotely exactly what he is getting up to on his cell phone. The only snag is – you’d need about 10 minutes alone with his cell so that you can download the software to it. However, once it’s been downloaded (just like you would any app through the internet) it will be totally invisible to him. There’s nothing on the phone, in the menus or anything else that will give away that the software has been installed.

The next step is that you can log into your secure viewing area online, from your own phone, laptop or whateverand then view exactly what he’s getting up to on his phone. Whether it’s sexting, chexting, sending photos, receiving photos – you’ll be able to see all the inbound and outbound text messages, SMS, emails, pms and bbms and anything else that he is using his phone for. If you need to know if he is cheating on you and you suspect that he is doing it through his cell phone then this is the definitive way to find out.

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As well as seeing all activity to and from the phone, you’ll be able to keep track of him via the Google maps option. So, if he says he’s going to some particular place – you’ll know for sure if he’s telling the truth or not – you’ll have your own little Private Investigator via your laptop.

As well as all this there is even the option to upgrade to the system whereby you can actually snoop on his conversations as they happen. Yes, incredible as it may seem, but with the $20 upgrade you can actually listen in live or record what he is saying to somebody (and what they are saying to him) actually as it happens.

Now I know $50 isn’t going to break the bank if it means that you’ll finally be able to find out for sure exactly what he’s been getting up to. Those suspected sexting messages or suspicious phonecalls that you may have overheard – what exactly is his game?

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If you need to know if your boyfriend is sexting another girl or if he is in any way cheating on your relationship – the way to find out for definite is through his phone – and this is the best, cheapest and most trusted system bar none.

How Does Spybubble Actually Work And Is It Real?

First of all I want to address the question of whether Spybubble actually works or not. The definitive answer is a resounding YES. I’ve had many reports back to that users have been totally satisfied with the software. Overly impressed, in fact. Most of the customers talk about how it actually exceeded their expectations in the features that you could use with it.

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When people hear about Spybubble, they generally think that it is going to show them text messages from the target mobile phone but it does so much more than that. Especially with the Spybubble Pro Upgrade which packs in incredibly sophisticated modes that allows you to also listen in to conversations between the user of the phone and others.

The only problems with Spybubble working that I’ve ever heard reported back are the fact that you need access to the target phone in the first place in order to install the software. Folks are often mistakenly under the impression that somehow, magically, the app can be installed remotely – but this is simply not the case. That is not possible with any spying software out there today – despite the scammy claims of some fly-by-night shady companies. You have to be able to go online WITH THE TARGET PHONE ITSELF in order to download the Spybubble Program.

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Obviously, this isn’t always possible because people that have something to hide often take the security around their cell phones incredibly seriously and you won’t be able to get anywhere near it – never mind unlock the PIN code. There are a few tricks that you can use, however, if you are facing this dilemma and I give you some hints and tips here or here

So, really, I’ve kind of covered how Spybubble actually works as well. It’s simply an app that you download to the phone. The data from the phone is then secretly transmitted to s secure web server that you will get the login and password to. You then simply login at your leisure and can watch all the data from the phone at your fingertips. This includes all emails, text messages, IMs, BBMs, Internet chatter, photos and pics sent and received, call logs including contacts, time and duration of calls and so on. It’s pretty incredible, really, the amount of punch that this tiny, hidden software can have. You can even track the location of the cell phone at will via Google Maps whenever you need to know where that person, be it cheating spouse, fraudulent employee or errant teen or child actually is when they say they are somewhere. As has been testified by many customers – these are the real telling details of what people are getting up to behind your back.

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And as mentioned before, the new Spybubble Pro Version lets you even listen into the calls themselves and also use the phone as a sound recorder of the environment that it is in by operating it remotely.

Considering that the software is available for all major smart phones including all major brands of iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Android and Windows phone systems, is incredibly cheap for what you are getting – and is from the most reputable company in the Cell Spy business, yes Spybubble does actually work and it works very well!

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So Does Spybubble Work In The UK And Ireland?

One of the frequently asked questions on the site is about which countries Spybubble works in? As they say on their site HERE Spybubble works anywhere in the world, so yes, Spybubble does work in the UK and Ireland, without a doubt.

The fact is that once installed on the target phone, Spybubble will work wherever that cell phone is in the world. And then it can then be spied on remotely simply by logging into the secure website as normal. This makes the software an excellent purchase for those wanting to keep an eye on those going away on “business trips”, for example. Yes, we all know that old euphemism!

It’s value is also apparent to the parent who wants to keep an eye on their child’s online habits or phone usage while they might be away from home or on a field or school trip, for example – even if they are going abroad.  So, even though they feel that they are far away from home and might get away with it, any indiscretions online or through use of text messaging / photo sharing will be well-monitored.

Of course, this is also excellent news also for employers whose staff travel abroad a lot. You can then be assured that those expensive international calls really are work related when they say they are.

So, the unanimous answer to “Does Spybubble work in the UK and Ireland” is a definite yes. And on top of that – it will also work anywhere else in the world where there is a cell phone network, too.

Is There A Way Of Tracking My Wife’s Cell Phone Use


Tracking Wife's Cell Phone
How To Track Her Phone

A few people have written in recently asking “Is there a way of tracking my wife’s cell phone?” They usually want to either spy on the wife’s cell phone text messages or they want to actually see the location of the phone by tapping into the GPS system. Well there’s good news and bad. There is a product out on the market that will do this with most makes of phone. It’s called Spybubble and you can check out the $100 discount here. They’ve even upgraded recently so that you can even listen in to the calls that are being made to and from your wife’s phone – check out the post about Spybubble Pro Version here –

So, we’ve established a program (or app) that can do what you are asking for – and a whole lot of other stuff too. For example, you can see the phone’s entire web surfing history, see all SMS, see all emails sent and received and also track the location of the phone in real time using Google maps. You can do all of this once the app is installed on your wife’s cell phone. And what’s more, there’s a simple online area that you can log into, any time you want, to go and see all of this data either live as it happens or it will record it all for you to peruse any time you want. The great thing is – once installed, she won’t be able to detect it at all! It will be completely hidden within the phone – there are no icons, sounds, bleeps, lights or anything else to give a tell-tale sign that you can see into her cell phone world.

Now for the bad news – Tracking your wife’s cell phone data may well be illegal depending on where you live. Recently, though, the Federal Court ruled that police could use cell tracking technology legally. In most US states it is illegal to track or spy on cell phones unless you have ownership of the phone (i.e. you pay for it) and you have the express permission of the user to monitor its use. Obviously it’s not illegal to actually buy the product otherwise cell phone spying software wouldn’t be available all over the internet. The thing is, there are valid reasons for using the software as long as the end user is in the know. For example, many companies use this software to track what their employees are doing – are they where they are supposed to be at a certain time, are they giving away company secrets etc. The thing is, these companies have to get the employees to sign a waiver in order to use this software – showing that the employee knows that their company cell phone may be monitored.

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Another valid reason might be the concerned parent – who pays for their child’s phone but wants to monitor that they are using it safely for texts, calls and surfing online – again, this is a common use for the software that is deemed legal and valid.

Although many thousands are using such spying software to spy on their spouses – usually because they think they might be cheating, they are probably doing so illegally, depending on where they live. Laws change from country to country and State to State, but often the trackers might be in violation of local privacy laws or civil liberties. I’d be lying to you if I said that people are not using this software to spy on possible cheating wives or husbands – they absolutely are! I’d just want to caution you that you ought to check your local laws and possibly even consult a lawyer before entering into such an action.

So how do you use this thing once purchased, assuming you’re going to use it legally? Basically you need to purchase online – there are a variety of discrete payment methods and if you use this link there is a $100 discount still valid. Once paid for (in whatever currency you choose) you will be given a download key and the details for your secure login where you can do all the tracking from – any time and from any place in the world – no matter where the target cell phone is located. Once you have the download key comes the tricky part. You have to have access to the target phone to go to the download link and install the app. There is nothing that can do what this software app does remotely, unfortunately so it’s your only option – and this part can be tricky, I’ll admit, if you wife keeps her phone safely stashed away at all times or uses a PIN code that you do not know. There are some tips throughout the blog that gives you a few secret ways of getting around this – for example, buying a new phone as a present (having already installed the software, of course!) – Who doesn’t want a shiny new phone (the latest model!) handed to them on a plate? Or telling her about this awesome new app or game you discovered and telling her that you’ll download it to her phone for her – just get her PIN somehow.

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Anyhow, assuming you can now surf to the download site – you’ll need a few minutes with the phone – probably less depending on connection speed. And once it’s done it’s done. Probably worth going to the phone’s internet and download history and deleting at this point to just cover the tracks. But aside from that there will be no indication that there is now a spyware app downloaded and ready to transmit to you all of her mobile phone data. All you have to do is log in to your secure login and wait for the data to come through. This happens instantly, incidentally and is always there for you and stored. So you can track her location physically now as well as read all the texts, emails and see all of the call history, contacts, time and length of call etc etc. If you opt for the Spybubble Pro Upgrade you can even listen in live to calls she’s making / receiving and even use the phone as a remote environment snoop wherever the phone happens to be.

This software is powerful and hands down beats everything else on the market in terms of reliability, cost, compatibility with different makes of phone including all Windows, Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian –  and their customer service is second to none. Unlike some of their fly-by-night scammy competitors.

If you needed a reliable way of tracking your wife’s cell phone use then this is the program you need.

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Who Keeps Calling My Girlfriend’s Mobile Phone?

I need to find out who keeps calling my girlfriend’s mobile phone!

I’ve been getting a lot of messages from suspicious husbands and boyfriends lately based around similar kinds of subject line: “I need to find out who keeps calling my girlfriend’s / wife’s cell phone.” Other guys are asking questions like “who’s been texting my wife?” or even, “who is my wife sending emails to?”

Of course, these kinds of questions are the first things to cross the minds of guys who suspected that their other half was cheating – and there are a number of ways of finding out this kind of stuff – including monitoring that person’s PC, cell phone or emails.

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Traditionally, of course, this kind of work would have found itself in the realm of Private Investigators. You’d be paying a guy big bucks to bug phone calls and tail the g/f or wife all day with his telephoto lens in hand – pretty much like you see on all those cheating spouse reality documentaries on TV.

Indeed, those kinds of documentaries have probably opened the minds – and fuelled the speculations – about how rife the cheating spouse phenomenon is. Research ( “Love, Sex and the Changing Landscape of Infidelity”, The New York Times, October 27, 2008” referenced here – ) shows that the rates of cheating spouses in the US (on data gathered since the ’70s) fluctuates around the 12% mark for men cheating and 7% for women. Obviously the statistics vary year on year and for different ages and other variations in demographic.

The thing is, though – it certainly goes on whether you want to believe it or not! So what can you do to help you decide whether those suspicious phone calls, emails or SMS / texts are coming from an unknown secret lover?

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There are three main ways (outside of hiring a P.I.) that I know of to do this. All of them will cost you some money, as you will be buying a piece of software to monitor the target’s cell phone, PC or other online hardware such as Ipad, tablet etc., essentially anything capable of remote communication in our modern society. However, the costs have come down over the past couple of years to way below what you would expect to pay a detective for a few hours’ work. It depends on how you suspect the illicit messages are being passed around – do you suspect your girlfriend is receiving phone calls from a lover or emails or texts and on what medium – perhaps all three? The software available covers almost all internet ready devices and almost all cell phones, nowadays. Whether it’s Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows or Symbian-based, this software will have a version that is compatible.

If you know, for example, that she is getting suspicious phone calls because she’ll never answer when you are around, or you’ve tried answering and the caller hangs up – you might just want to find out who owns the number that is calling (if her contacts list is not telling you). In this situation you might want to invest in one of the reverse call lookup services that are available. For a fee they will usually be able to furnish you with the contact details of the cell phone number – you can then go on to do your own investigations into that person.

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Taking this a step further, there is software that you can install on a target cell phone that will monitor all the data transmitted from and sent to it. Commonly known as cell phone spying software, this powerful app, once installed, will allow you to monitor text messages, emails, web surfing, IM (instant messaging) and a whole host of other information from the phone without them even slightly suspecting that you are doing it. It will allow you to see photos and images sent to and from the phone and you can even listen in to live calls. You can even track their movements via web applications like Google maps by tapping into the cell phone’s GPS tracker. This can be pretty damning information in itself! What if she’s telling you she’s going out to her girlfriend’s house for the evening and you can see that she’s in a downtown restaurant – or she keeps pulling into the same neighborhood night after night on her way home from work?

You can see why this kind of software is becoming ultra-popular with those that need to find out for sure, one way or the other, whether somebody has been cheating on them. Of course, the crunch comes with the ability to be able to read the text messages. Or even more so now – the ability to listen directly to the calls – or even use their phone as a spying tool to snoop on the environment that they are in by turning it on remotely to listen in on the speaker phone – this is the state of the art spying program that is selling lot hotcakes now at Spybubble – check out the Spybubble Pro Version here.

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The way this thing works is you need to be able to get the phone for a couple of minutes. You will have previously paid for the software through one of the links on this page (to collect the discount) and you will have been given a download key at that point. Then you need to use the phone’s internet connection to surf to the download site and then download the software straight onto the phone – it will be totally hidden from the user with no icons, lights, bleeps or any other hints showing that it is even on there. Once this step is complete you just need to log into the secure control panel that they give you access to from any internet ready device, anywhere in the world and you will be able to monitor the activities (described above) taking place on the phone. At your leisure you will have a secret window on their world that they won’t even know exists. All info will be recorded and stored for you to listen in live, monitor in real-time or store for later.

Before you invest in one of these spy apps you need to realize that their use in some States would be deemed illegal if you do not own the phone yourself and you have not informed the target user that you are monitoring their calls – by the way there is nothing illegal about actually purchasing the software. Businesses and employers can get around state laws by getting their employees to sign a waiver stating that they are aware that their company business, travel etc. may be monitored by the company through their company cell phones. Also if you are using the software to monitor what your child is doing online or on their cell (and you pay for that phone) then, of course, you are usually within your rights as a parent. It is up to you what you do with the software once bought – but I’d suggest reading through any provisos or legal disclaimers up on the site where you buy the spyware from.

Although many may consider the use of such software (there is also a PC spy version that can monitor emails, surfing history etc.) as morally ambiguous, there are many more who have seen the true power of such software to help them to see the lies that they are being told and who can therefore take steps to see through the deceit and get on with their lives and move on in a meaningful way. At the end of the day, you need to ask who is being immoral – the cheater or the one doing the spying on the cheater. There is no flame without fire!

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Is My Wife Cheating? Need To Find Who Owns That Phone Number?

Is My Wife Cheating?

There have been plenty of occasions recently where the question of a cheating wife has come up and the anecdotal evidence has been the presence of a cell phone number (that is bugging you) and that you don’t know who is on the end of that call?

How To Find Out Who Owns A Cell Number

It’s the typical situation. Wife picks up a pre-arranged call (albeit in the middle of the night – or when she thinks you don’t know about it – any time you’re away from her, basically). Husband is jealous (usually for the wrong reasons – or he doesn’t understand what stage this phone relationship is in). The number is the same one that rang this time last week!

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The guy jumps to conclusions. It’s going on all the time. Get over yourself infatuation. It’s jealousy rearing its ugly head and the green eyed monster of Shakespeare’s ditties are giving you the creeps. OR you might just have a point!

Sometimes it’s just your wife phoning her girl friend to talk about the fact that you seem to be ignoring her. Or that you seem to not want to be with her any more. You don’t go out together anymore – not like you used to in the old days.

You’d rather watch the football or go out for a beer with the boys than spend a cosy night in with her watching the TV or a movie. Here’s one that might smart – she’s talking to her girlfriend about the fact that you don’t have sex any more. Or that the sex is bad.

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I can understand that this is gonna get you riled. Less than that (yeah, not more – cos this is going downhill, bro) – it might make you feel a bit pathetic. Remember when she worshipped you? When she couldn’t wait to cosy up to you in bed and do all those things she (and you) used to love?

You can get back to that in the 90% of cases where it’s just been an innocent call – as above – to talk things over with her friends. You’ll have to work hard at this – check out (RELATE WEBSITE) for some ideas on how you can rescue the situation. There are incredible techniques out there for you to work on and get back into the relationship that you once cherished.

If, however, you have some secure evidence that your girl or wife has been phoning another guy on her cell – you need to get to the bottom of that one quick smart. It won’t be too late to save things if that’s what you’re looking for.

Sometimes, the act of being caught in a harmless phone fling will be enough to snap them out of the possibilities of carrying out a physical affair. The bottom line is you need to stop this early on before it becomes physical.

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Spybubble Pro Upgrade Version Selling Fast

I’m getting tons of enquiries about the Spybubble Pro Version and it seems to be selling like hot cakes! The latest update from the Spybubble company has made it possible to listen in to phone conversations live – giving that extra edge in cell phone spying tech.

Already a popular and revered spyware provider, Spybubble have capitalized on their great reputation by providing an updated version that rivals the best cell phone snooping software on the market and within a way lower price range than its closest competitors.

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The new add-on can be bought as an update to the existing software if you have already purchased Spybubble and will allow remote call listening meaning that you actually get to eavesdrop on phone conversations as they happen. You can also use the phone as a remote surveillance monitor which will actually turn on the phone at your command so that you can listen in on what is happening in the phone’s immediate environment. Imagine listening in to conversations in a hotel room or in a car – small spaces like that would reveal intimate details about what is going on close to the phone.

This is a pretty fantastic upgrade to the traditional Spybubble software which already allows text spying, cell tracking and data snooping on the target phone. It compliments the original version of Spybubble giving all round snooping capability to rival any other product on the market – and because they’ve been so succesful and made this the most popular and used spyware for cell phones, they can make it ultra-cheap as a must have Spybubble upgrade.

So, if you have a need to to spy on someones phone without them knowing, as long as you’re obeying the law, of course, grab the Spybubble Pro Version today and take advantage of this immense cell spy technology while it’s on special offer.

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Is It Morally Right To Track Cell Phone Calls?

Tracking cell phone calls has become endemic in today’s society in both government and domestic circles. What, really, are the moral implications of such actions?

Is It Morally Right To Track Cell Phone Calls?

Back in 1949, George Orwell imagined a dictatorial, totalitarian, all-seeing, omnipresent head-of-Party character called Big Brother. I’ve heard tell that this overbearing, semi-godlike avatar from his “1984” novel was inspired by a 2nd World War educational poster campaign (see Chapter: Purported Origins). Over the years, the term has become synonymous with surveillance from either the government or corporations, partly due to the similarity between Orwell’s “telescreen surveillance” and the mass influx of CCTV and cell phone tapping stories in modern society. Ongoing debates, in all quarters, about whether or not some of this technology might be becoming beneficial have yet to reach a conclusion. In spite of obvious disadvantages (and parallels with a totalitarian state), some of the more domestic uses of cell phone tracking software are becoming worthy of notice – and growing ever more popular.

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(Now I’ve taken my sensible hat off!) – Those benefits are so appealing in many ways! Today, not only do the police and other similar organizations have access to means of tracking our phones, but the common man (or woman) can do the same too. A wide range of instruments are available to anyone wanting to keep track of someone’s phone calls, most of them being extremely simple and easy to use.

Now, take note. Caution must be used when undertaking such an action. Privacy is something that must be respected, so be sure to have solid reasons before tapping into a phone and don’t err on the side of unlawfulness. Of course, exceptions to this rule exist. For example, parents are entitled to know the exact whereabouts of their kids, or be informed about whom they talk to and what they talk about. *I will have to insert a caveat here that would mention that the parent should be both paying for the phone and possibly informing and getting their child to sign a disclaimer before monitoring the said cell phone. There have been legal cases where this has become important.*

While some may frown upon this, considering the whole idea as a lack of trust in our children, please take a moment to consider the dangers and temptations surrounding our young children and teens in today’s environment – does this course of action seem to be fully justified? I’ll just mention the word “sexting” and leave it at that!

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The actual listening or tracking of a phone call can be done with the help of a special piece of software. This is the latest popular method and is much more convenient than the traditional Magnum P.I. method of planting a “bug” somewhere in a listening vicinity. It depends on preferences at the end of the day, but using the method mentioned first is easy, fast, and can be installed on a limitless number of phones. Most programs take only a few minutes to install, somewhere around 5 minutes, and are inconspicuous to such a degree that spying chips, fake cams, plugs and bugs look clumsy.

A cell phone tracker, as these programs are called, does not come for free, but their services can prove to be invaluable. An example of how these tools can be used has already been mentioned. They are able to provide you with basically every bit of information the target phone has. You want to read the SMSs held by that phone, or a caller’s details? Perhaps you wish to keep track of the pictures sent or received and URL’s visited. Even more powerful – after their recent software upgrade, you also have the option of listening to the calls made to and from that phone in real time or record them. These are not ways of ensuring that your kids are safe from the information or activities that are not suited for them, but they will allow you to follow up sensibly, firmly and by nipping that behavior in the bud.

Even more, these programs come with the option of knowing where your kid is. This is done via GPS and, again, serves a clear and perfectly reasonable goal. Also, all that data will be available to you even if the originals were deleted from the phone. So, if you ever need to remotely know what your offspring is doing, with whom and where, get a cell phone tracker installed on his or her phone.

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I Need To See Who My Boyfriend Is Calling

“I need to see who my boyfriend is calling” is a common call from ladies who think their boyfriend is cheating. It makes sense that if they’re going to find out what is secretly going on behind their backs – the best way is through his phone.

There’s quite a simple answer for all those desperate ladies who need to see who their boyfriend is calling. It’s called Spybubble – and quite simply it is an amazing spy phone app that will let you do exactly what you need.

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Once you’ve downloaded this smart app to his phone you’ll be able to see exactly who he’s been texting and who’s been texting him. You’ll have access to all the incoming and outgoing phone call data including who called, when and for how long – both ways. So you’ll also be able to see who he’s been calling every time you’re out of the room.

How To See Who My Boyfriend Is Calling

It may seem rosy but who is your boyfriend secretly calling
Things Seem Rosy But Is He Secretly Calling Someone Else?

The thing about this program is that you access it through the internet so you can retrieve all of this data whenever you want from your own PC, Laptop or Phone. Even if he’s deleting text messages immediately after reading them or sending them, you’ll still be able to see what was said. As well as all this you can also see all the images sent and received via his phone as well as read all emails. You can also see his surfing history so you can see what he’s been up to online. Check out this in depth Spybubble software review here if you need to know more.

I take it there’s already a trust issue here so finding out the truth is tantamount. One of the most amazing things about Spybubble’s new app is that you can now even listen in to live conversations on his phone as they happen. Not only do you get the lowdown on all his phone data and texting but you can actually listen to live calls! For some people this is going a bit too far. They don’t necessarily want to hear the nitty gritty about how he’s cheating on you. However, if you really need to find out exactly what he’s saying to the other girl – and what he’s saying about you – this is the way to do it.

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This program will cost you a bit. After all – it’s the best there is on the market. Beware other online brands that will simply rip you off with a piece of junk that just doesn’t work. Spybubble works – that’s the bottom line – and it works on almost all cell phone brands.

If you really need to see who your boyfriend is texting or calling this is the way to go. The only thing that most folks worry about is the fact that you have to download it to his phone first – so you need to be able to have that opportunity – and obviously you’ll need to know his pin or pass code. I’ve shared a few tricks here about what you can do if you are struggling with this step!

The bottom line is you are hurting because something has hinted to you that he’s cheating. You need to find out the truth once and for all so you can end the lying and deceit and make sure you take control of the situation back. Although this will cost you some money, it’s sure cheaper than hiring a private eye. And at the end of the day only you need to know about this. Once the app is installed on his phone it is invisible. He won’t find it so it’s like a secret window on his world.

Take back the power today – click through this link that will get you a $100 discount off the premiere spying product that everybody is talking about !

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How To Get A Free Trial Software Download For Spybubble

Spybubble Free Trial – Not Happening! And Here’s Why –

It’s kind of a cheeky Spybubble Free Trial question that you’re asking! Granted, there are a few free cell phone spy software’s out there – apparently. But whether a free trial download or it’s simply a free app you’re after, you won’t find them talked about here. What we are talking about here is state-of-the-art cell phone spying, tapping or tracking software – your online scam companies that offer FREE simply won’t provide the goods that you need.

But Spybubble is not one of them! There’s no free trial downloads for Spybubble because why should they have to? Spybubble actually works and does its job at a very reasonable price! (Check out this $100 Discount link!)

Any of the so-called cell spy downloads or free-trials that claim to compete with Spybubble are simply trying the old marketing scam techniques on you. They most probably simply won’t work and they hope that you will forget about the money you spent with them when you don’t get any kind of response from their support desk. That’s what they’re hoping for – that’s why they are claiming free. They play the percentages and hope that people can’t be bothered to refund within the 10 days or whatever it happens to be on that day.

The thing is – although you do need to pay for a trial with Spybubble (whether it’s free or not to download), they will, at least, honor their refunds in a quick and no quibble manner. They are confident, professional (and REAL COMPANY enough) to offer outstanding customer service and will not rip you off. Spybubble works so well as a cell phone spying download that they don’t have to be a shady, fly-by-night company dealing with refunds all the time. With engineers trying to improve the system and service all the time, they’ve managed to become field-leaders in cell phone spy technology.

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They stand by their awesome product that will allow you to spy easily on a remote cell phone’s text messages (both inbound and out – and let you record instantly deleted text conversations), internet surfing data, see people’s photos and pics they are sending and receiving. It will allow remote access to emails, your spouse or partner’s PC history (in one of its super cool PC user tracking incarnations). The crazy thing is – you can even listen into other people’s phone conversations as they happen! Imagine being able to eavesdrop on that cell conversation that is eating you up with what is being said!

To be honest – I wouldn’t even bother looking up the free spyware softwares. This one would beat them all hands down. Check out this post (link above) where I give some tips on getting an even bigger Spybubble discount on a download than I’ve mentioned is possible previously. There are no truly free trials in this world on Spybubble software. But testing it can be absolutely free. And I’m guessing that you’ll be happy having paid for this marvellous cell spy program, anyway. After all, I bet it will help solve your problem – cheating lover? Checking your teenager’s phone safety? Monitoring your travelling employees? Helping companies to monitor phone misuse? You can do it all easily and efficiently and now very cheaply at Spybubble.