Best Way To Tap My Wife’s Cell Phone

I’ve been studying the best ways in which I can tap my wife’s cell phone and all of them come down, in the end, to buying software that needs to be installed on my wife’s phone.

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There are a few different cell phone spying programs on the market, some of which have better features than others, but I guess you get what you pay for. When I say tap my wife’s cell phone, what I mean is that I want to be able to see what she is texting to somebody that I suspect her of cheating with. I also want to see what he has been texting back to her.

Ways To Tap My Wife’s Cell Phone

What I did to tap my wife's cell phone
Way's To Tap My Wife's Cell Phone

I’m not all that interested in what she is saying to that man – I think it would hurt too much to hear it, in the flesh, so to speak. There are spying software programs out there that would let me snoop on a live phone conversation that my wife is having with her lover but they cost upwards of $250 and, to be honest, if I can see what is being said via sms messages, then that will do me for proof.

So, really, if you have it in mind to tap your wife’s mobile phone, you really need to think hard and fast about exactly what it is that you want to find out – how deeply do you want to go?

There is a software called Spybubble that does a great job for around $49 if all you want to do is see what kind of messages are being sent back and forth from her cell phone. Tapping the phone in this way is simply just installing an app onto her phone. It’s just that this particular app is completely invisible to her once you have installed it on her phone. What it then does is transmits all of the phone’s data – including it’s GPS position – to an online website where you can then log in securely and retrieve all of the phone’s data. As well as the text messages (even if they’ve been quickly deleted!) you can also see URLs visited, all pictures and photos exchanged, read your wife’s emails and a whole lot of other stuff. For the price of fifty bucks – it’s pretty damn revealing!

Tapping your wife’s cell phone in this way may or may not be legal depending on a few factors including whether you legally own the phone yourself and where you are doing the tapping. Laws on this kind of monitoring vary from state to state and country to country. If you intentionally install a spyware program on a cell phone with the express intention of tapping your wife’s calls or messages you could very well find yourself in hot water.

Even though it’s perfectly legal to buy this kind of software online, it’s what you do with it that may be crossing the line. I’m not going to tell you what to do here, but I’d seriously suggest discussing the actions you want to take with an attorney before you undertake anything like tapping a cell phone. It seems that private investigators get away with this kind of thing all the time – also there are thousands of people buying this software everyday in order to tap somebody’s phone – however, that doesn’t mean that you should be doing it.

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