Can I Tap A Cell Phone For Free?

The quick answer to “Can I Tap A Cell Phone For Free?” is no, not really. Not unless you’re some seriously intelligent electronics and communications expert, and even then you’d have to have equipment available to you that would be by no means free.

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I’m wondering if you’re asking that question – can I tap a cell phone for free – for one of the following reasons? You suspect that your husband or wife is having an affair. You wonder whether your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you with another person. You need to monitor your child’s cell phone calls because they have fallen into bad company or they are skipping school. You have an employee that you suspect is either moonlighting or in some other way acting against the interests of your business? Perhaps it is another reason, simply the need to snoop on somebody’s mobile phone or you’re simply curious if it’s possible to spy on a cell phone?

Well, it certainly is possible to tap into a cell phone, in all sorts of ways – and easily, but probably not so easily for free. Whether it’s legal to tap a cell phone is another matter. Essentially, you would need to check your country or State laws, but, in general, it is only legal to use cell phone spying software on a device if you own that target phone. And if you are going to spy on, for example, employees, with phones that you own, you’d better make sure that they understand, and even sign a waiver making it clear that this is a possibility. Privacy laws and individual rights are paramount in this day and age, so you should always make sure that the position that you are taking is clear and checked by a lawyer. Just think about the phone hacking and mobile phone tapping scandals especially rife in the UK at the moment that are implicating high profile media, police and even politicians in outrageous scandals.

So, Can I Tap a Cell Phone For Free?

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Still, in answer to your query about Can I Tap A Cell Phone For Free, the answer is generally no, but their are plenty of pretty cheap ways in which you can do it, with the proviso that you seek clarification on the laws for such an action in your own local area. There is one particular piece of cell phone spyware that is very popular – simply because it delivers what it says it does, without the aggravation of the scams, cons and other rip-off software to be found online that claim that they can also help you in phone tapping. If you follow the links in blue on this post you will get to one of the most popular spyware for cell phones sites on the web. You will pay around (just under) $50 for the ability to upload software to a phone and access to a secure web server where you can basically spy on all of the functions of the phone from a distance.

This is pretty powerful stuff if you are seeking the answers to some of the problems that I listed earlier. You are able to view all sms text messages into and out from the mobile device. You can see all calls made to and from the phone. You can even, now get this, track where the cell phone is via google maps. Imagine what kind of information that would give you about the truth somebody is telling when they are saying that they are going somewhere. There are all kinds of other features that come with this cheap software like the ability to see all emails into and away from the target cell phone and to see all the surfing history as well as all pictures and photos sent to and from the phone.

So although it isn’t free, it is actually well worth the small dollar value to invest in this kind of software if it meets your requirements. In most cases, where the alternative would be to hire a private eye that could run into the thousands of dollars, this spyware has been able to provide the information that gets customers to the truth quickly.

So in answer to your question – can I tap a cell phone for free – probably not, but this is your cheapest, most powerful alternative and its at a very affordable price, especially as it is currently knocked down from $149 to $49.95 so get in quick before that changes!

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Resources: Phone Hacking Guardian UK

2 thoughts on “Can I Tap A Cell Phone For Free?”

  1. Do i physically need to get the ‘target’ phone to install software on it, and what details do I need -phone number -SIM card number etc -or can it be done remotely ?

    Many thanks


    1. Yes, David, you will need physical access to the phone to install the software – this cannot be done remotely. Once installed, you do not need to touch the phone again as all data is transmitted to the secure login website that you will get details of after payment – the login/password info is sent to the email account that you use to pay. Remember also that you would need the PIN or password of the phone in order to download the software.

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