The Best Way To Monitor A Mobile Phone Remotely

The Best Way to monitor a mobile phone remotely

Whether the intention is good or bad, spying can cause invasion of privacy issues once caught by the person being spied on. The best way to find out the truth is by spying on the target’s mobile phone. Fortunately, latest mobile technology allows a person to spy on any cell phone without being detected. Nowadays, many spy software that can be installed directly on cell phones are available.

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Cellular phones have become the main medium of communication. But it has also become a way for family infidelity like the spouses cheating on their partners. Teenagers have used this technology to be engaged in sexual way or also known as sexting. Drug users have also benefited with mobile phones as illegal transactions can be done easier and safer. If there are any suspicions whether be it on spouse or teenager children opting to spy on their cell phone can be the best way to know the truth.

Installing spy software on the target’s mobile phone is the best and safest way to spy on any cell phone. It will enable the person to read all text messages being sent or received on the target’s phone. It will also be possible to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls. Tracking their location can also be done using these spy software. What’s good about this software is that they can be installed on the mobile phone and do the spying secretly by logging on a private account.

Spybubble, Mobile Spy, Spy Phone Gold are just some software applicable to monitor with whom, when, and why the target person is having a conversation with this particular person. Some of the softwares are even capable of call interception that allows listening to a live conversation. So, to spy on any kind of cell phone from the latest Samsung Galaxy to the new Blackberry Bold 9900 , don’t take the risk of being detected, the best way is use spy software and let it do the spying.

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Here’s How You Can Track Any Cell Phone

How Can You Track Any Cell Phone?

Have you ever wondered why your new employee is starting to look more and more nervous when you walk by? Or have you been observing a peculiar behavior in your soul-mate lately? All those questions need answers, but you can’t just ask without giving yourself away and making the other side aware you are onto something. There is the risk that better concealment measures will be taken, and you will find out what everything is about when it is too late.

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You can avoid that by tracking the cell phone of the person who is giving you so much trouble; it is straightforward and easy. There will be no private investigator involved, and you will not be forced to spend a cartload of money on surveillance. You can do everything yourself in front of the computer, while laying back in your chair. The answer to all your worries is choosing the best cell phone spy software.

There are a few of those programs currently on the market, and are available at reasonable prices. Most importantly, they are easy to install and use and very difficult to detect. If you have experience with installing an app or something similar, then you know everything you need in order to use these spy programs. Your only difficulty will be getting your hand on the phone in question for 3-4 minutes. That’s how long you need to rig a cell phone. This task should not prove too difficult, because you can find encyclopedias of excuses to get your hands on it for a few minutes.

Once such software installed, all the information is send to a server that keeps the information for you to view at a later date from any computer that has Internet access.  What does that info refer to? Basically, it refers to anything happening on that phone.

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These cell tracking programs are capable of feats Big Brother would have been jealous. Naturally, since a phone is used for talking, every conversation is recorded. It matters not if the call is made by the person you are tracking or received by it, every word spoken will be “preserved for posterity”. The same happens with messages.

Even more than that, considering the number of smartphone owners is constantly growing, features that keep track of Internet history have been developed, and are constantly being improved. Kids should be careful about the sites they visit, unless they want a lecture coming, at the very least.

Overall, these programs are extremely useful for solving trust issues. No longer will you be forced to linger in doubt; now you can have actual proof that your suspicions were right, or, on the contrary, you were wrong. Don’t be afraid to use cell phone tracking programs. They are completely legal to buy, as long as blackmail or other offenses are not carried out by you, the one doing the spying, and if you are the actual owner of the phone tracked or you have legal access to it. You should also warn anybody that you would be monitoring and get them to sign a disclaimer to be on the safe side.

If you want to know if your employees are doing their job, if your wife or husband is faithful, or if the kids are really where they said they will be and not out clubbing, then you need a little spy program installed on their phones.

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How To Choose And Buy The Best Cell Phone Spy Software

There are a number of factors that you need to be taking into account when you are trying to choose the best cell phone spying system. There are a few different ‘flavors’ on the market – some of which offer similar products but with different features, payment plans or service levels. The only way that you’re going to find out which is the best for your purposes is by either testing them all yourself or choosing one that has been recommended by somebody that has tested them for you.

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First of all you need to understand exactly what you want to get out of the cell spying system? Are you looking to snoop on somebody’s emails and text messages, for example? Many suspicious partners find that all they need to be able to be certain of an indiscretion committed by an errant boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband is a sexy text message passing between the two people. In certain circumstances that might be enough to tip the balance of a relationship and they can move on with their lives. For these people, one of the simpler and cheaper spying apps might just do the trick.

You can get great functionality out of a cell phone monitoring device that simply records the texts sent between two phones and keeps them in a secure online place for you to access later. The great thing about this kind of text recording and monitoring app is that it captures all of those sms messages that they think they’ve deleted. So when they send a naughty message or receive one from their lover and then think that instantly deleting it away from prying eyes will, they’ll have another thing coming. You can pick up the kind of software that does this for under $50 and it’s a simple matter of getting it onto the phone that you want to spy on. It’s even invisible once it’s on there, as it has been designed to fly completely under the radar. Like the more expensive spying software that you can get, you always get a secure login to an online area where all of the information gathered from the phone is stored for you to peruse at your leisure. This is probably one of the cheapest forms of spying on a cell phone, but it is also often the most effective in that it allows you to know the truth without hearing too many of the hurtful intimate details.

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On the other side of the coin, you could choose to go with the more expensive cell phone spy software that allows you to actually eavesdrop on a live conversation that your cheating partner might be having with another party. The software, practically, operates in the same way and the same method is used to upload it to the user’s phone. It’s just that the functionality is deemed so much more powerful and, granted, probably uses more computing power, that they can charge a premium price for this service.

Another feature that proves powerful by comparison with the cheaper versions of spying apps is that you can use a mode that helps you to listen in to conversations in a room – like a room bug.
Using this bugging feature almost verges on the Mission Impossible-type spying gadgets where you can remotely set the phone to broadcast sound from the room or environment that the phone finds itself in. This can be even more intimate than listening into a general phone conversation (between two secret lovers) because you might well hear what is happening in the bedroom by using this setting of the program.

All in all, you must first decide which level of spying you want to use on a cheating husband or wife. You then need to evaluate the different options by price.
Personally, the software that I recommend overall, and which gives the best range of features over the best Value for Money prices has to be Spybubble. It is compatible with almost all internet ready phones and the customer service is second to none in this sector – and let me just tell you – the customer service within this sector can be pretty shoddy at times with many shady companies flooding the market with poor imitations or, quite frankly, non-working scammy programs that rely on you not to follow up on refund requests.

With Spybubble you are getting a quality product that delivers on its promises. It works well, it is priced more competitively than most because it is hands-down the best selling spyware product. Their guarantees can be trusted and their customer service is unrivalled in this market.
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What’s the Best Cell Phone Surveillance Software?

Cell phone tapping has been the basis of a massively growing industry in the near past, which still works pretty well. So, if you are looking for cell phone surveillance software, you are in for two sets of news – a good one and a bad one. The good one says that the high competition in this field makes a market healthy, so prices are balanced and quite affordable, most of the time, since competitors are doing their upmost to attract more and more clients to their product. What is the bad news? Well, it is, basically exactly the same as the good one, but seen from a different angle. Just like with any other market niche, this one, too, has numerous different offers for the customers, and users must find the best one of all, which can be quite difficult.

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Complexity brings decisions, and decisions can bring risks. Right now, we are trying to help you decide on the best surveillance software, without turning it into a sales pitch for one product or another. We will just point out which are the aspects that the ideal cell phone tapping software should cover are, in order to give you a brief guide of things you should be careful with when making your decision. Here are some of the most important aspects:

Being Stealthy

These programs should not leave any trace. The more invisible they are, the better they work. The whole thing would be pretty useless if someone using the target phone could check if it is clean or not in a mere blink of an eye, right? So, be sure to find a stealthy program.

Covering a wide range of operating systems

Usually, companies that work hard to make their products as universal as possible are smart companies that know how to please a growing target audience. The more systems the product is compatible with, the better.

Ideally, tapping and phone surveillance software should be able to be compatible with the following systems:

– Windows Mobile;

– iPhone OS;

– Symbian operating system;

– Blackberry;

– Android.

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What exactly does Cell Phone Surveillance Software do?

Ideally, spying software should be able to: record conversations, read SMS messages and track down people via GPS. This is as simple as it gets: the more the product does, the better it is (also, the more expensive, but usually still affordable).

Good customer service

It is true, using tapping software is not all that complicated, but any provider should be able to offer good technical support. When we say “good”, we mean 24/7, effective support. If you pay money for something, respect is mandatory on any market. What is the use of the software if you cannot use it exactly when you need to?

Last but not least – the price

We are not going to lie to you: every extra feature will probably cost you more. This is something natural – quality brings costs. However, you should not let yourself be fooled and pay more than something is worth. So what’s a decent price? Well, the price of the software itself should not be more than 70-80 dollars. Anything below this amount can be considered more than a good bargain. Click here and I’ll show you how you can get a Spybubble discount, for example.

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Video – Bottle Thrown On Track As Usain Bolt Breaks Olympic 100m Record

A bottle was thrown close to Usain Bolt just seconds before the start of the men’s 100 metre final at the London 2012 Olympics – as seen in the following video. Seen on video just as the athletes were getting their marks, the bottle landed some 2 to 3 metres away from Usain Bolt, just behind the start point of the race in the Olympic Stadium.

Usain Bolt Bottle Video

A man has been arrested and is being held at a London Police station in custody under the charge of causing a public nuisance.

Bronze medal winner Justin Gatlin acknowledged on a BBC website that he had heard the bottle land but did not believe that it had influenced the outcome of the race, which Bolt won, breaking the Olympic record with a 9.63 second time over the one hundred metres. Gatlin said that, due to the quietness in the stadium at the start of the race, you could have heard a “pin drop”. It’s clear from this description that a bottle landing nearby would have been noticed by all of the runners on the starting line.

Edith Bosch, the Judo specialist and Bronze medal winner from Team Netherlands later tweeted that she had “beaten” a drunk spectator who had thrown a bottle onto the track at the hundred metre sprint, according to the BBC news report.

German Nazi Salute At London Olympics 2012? Video

I was enthralled by the spectacle of a Green and Pleasant Land one minute – but then saw the disgusting Nazi Salute at The London 2012 Olympics in the next breath.

Whether this “privileged” person did the salute out of some latent German pride or he was intending to incite reaction – it worked. I haven’t researched it enough, I admit, but the sight of somebody using the classic Seig Heil salute during the London Olympics Opening Ceremony was outrageous – and I’m glad it was caught on the BBC cameras.

At the time I was shocked, turned to my wife and her jaw was also agape! This was unusual. This was insensitive. What PLANET was this guy on?

Is there a simple explanation for this? Am I overeacting to this example of a nazi salute at the 2012 London Olympics? It’s difficult to decide. I imagine all the networks will pick up on this. If only for some respect to be redirected to the German National Olympic Team – so they can just get on with the Games as they were intended. This needs to be investigated and disclosed.

On a side note, the ceremony for the Olympics 2012 was a phenomenal success. Danny Boyle got the whole thing bang on. There was British Pride, British Fall, world interaction and realism in the way that Great Britain is now portrayed. He did a nice job in highlighting the areas in which we need to improve while juxtapositioning that with some awesome British exports that include The Queen, James Bond and Mr Bean.

More at


How To See Who’s Texting My Daughter

Who’s Been Texting My Daughter?

Like any worried parent, I think it’s fine that you should be able to monitor who might be texting your daughter, especially if there’s any history of trouble from boys or you suspect that texting or naked pictures are being sent or received.

It’s not just this – increasingly our kid’s mobile phones are being used for bullying in ways that mimic the old playground bullying of our younger years. While we might think that things are getting better in our schools as parents, teachers and schools try to stamp out bullying in the physical sense, children can find cruel ways to get at their peers nowadays via cyber-bullying online or via nasty text messages. If you suspect that your son or daughter is getting bullied by text messages but want to hide that truth from you through shame or a sense of not snitching by deleting the messages as they come through – it’s going to be hard for you to find out the truth.

There are ways of monitoring your daughter or son’s text messages that are non-intrusive to the point that they don’t even need to know about it if you don’t want them to. I honestly respect those parents who lay down the law with their children and tell them in no uncertain terms that their phone will be monitored. However, I also appreciate that not all cases are alike and there are times when secret monitoring might be necessary. Some tech-savvy kids, should they know about monitoring software, will do their damndest to get around the situation. Sometimes the best answer is for them simply not to know or suspect that you are doing it.

Spybubble For Child Monitoring

There are a number of cell phone monitoring softwares out there that can perform this kind of text message monitoring on your daughter’s phone, for example, but  you need to go with one of the trusted providers. In all my experience with this software, you will get the best results by using Spybubble. Not only is the software robust and works well – they also have a reputation for customer service and no quibble guarantees with it. If you’re not happy with what they provide they will simply refund you full cost. Some of the, let’s say, shadier vendors out there are not so smart when it comes to their own reputations. They will take your money, provide shoddy software that is not supported and often doesn’t work – and you’ll have a heck of a time getting any support out of them never mind a refund if things aren’t working out.

Honestly, if you need a software that will help you to keep an eye on your daughter’s welfare by helping you track her text messages / sms / emails through her phone with no fuss and nonsense, I’d go for Spybubble every time.

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Cell Phone Spying – The New Private Eye

It used to be that if you wanted to know what your other half was getting up to when they were supposedly working late at the office, you’d either have to go and physically track them yourself or you’ have to hire a detective to do the work for you. As you might expect, this could get pretty expensive very quickly, especially if the tailing went on for days on end. The outcome of a successful campaign would be photographs of your spouse caught in the act, wining and dining their latest flame – or something altogether more raunchy filmed through a seedy motel window.

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While expensive, these methods would definitely get results, as evidenced by TV shows such as Cheaters, where wayward husbands, wives and fiances and brides-to-be are caught in the act by irate partners. The thing is, to most people who suspect some foul play in their marriage or relationship, forking out hundreds or thousands of dollars on a PI simply isn’t an option. Unless you want to go all James Bond and position yourself in trees with tele-photo lenses, this isn’t really something you can do yourself either, without the right guile and know-how that comes with years of practice as an Investigator.

The advent of the smart phone, has changed all that in recent years, though. Now there are all sorts of apps and programs designed to allow you to keep tabs on cell phone use. What probably came out of attempts to track missing phones or to be able to monitor children’s phone use has rapidly grown into a cell spying industry that has bloomed and become more and more sophisticated. It’s also become a lot cheaper to buy this kind of cell phone monitoring program.

Spybubble – The Best Cell Phone Spy?

Some of the bigger brands on the marketplace will now offer you cell phone spy basic packages for around $50. For this kind of layout you’ll be able to snoop on text messages, track the position of the cell with it’s GPS tracker (helpful to see if somebody is really going where they say they are). You can also check on all phone calls, both incoming and outgoing from the phone, and see such things as length of the calls – who called who on what number and how often they are doing it. Simply having the ability to spy on a cheating wife or husband’s text messages has resolved all kinds of domestic strife one way or the other. It’s not easy to deny an affair when the damning messages are there in black and white – even if the cheater thought they were being clever by quickly deleting every sent and received love message – this software stores all messages for the spyer to be able to retrieve from a simple computer interface from anywhere in the world.

Spybubble – Best In Class Spyware For Cell Phones – Grab Your Discount Here

Put simply, the phone’s data is beamed to an intercepting server which the buyer of the software has access to. In short, all of the data running through the phone is compromised. Nothing is secret any more, including any emails, photos or internet history of the phone. Chat programs and IM messages to SMS can be seen – all for $50. This is like having your own PI on call 24/7 for the cost of a meal out.

If you want to go further, you can even upgrade at small cost to the Pro License version of the software. This will allow you to eavesdrop in real-time on phone conversations as they happen. This is what phone tapping is all about. The power to listen in and to record a conversation between two people is extremely powerful. Many folks who suspect cheating may not even want to go this far – the intimacy discovered can often be overwhelming. For them the simple text spy is often all that is required. coupled with the GPS tracker which can catch an errant partner where they should not be. The classic example is the overnight business trip. It’s so cliched but it’s a constant excuse used by those playing away, especially because it can be used so easily in conjunction with the guilt card. “I’m trying to feed this family by working all hours and yet you keep accusing me…” Well, it won’t wash with this cell spying app helping you with your data gathering.

And so onto installing the spy software. It’s pretty painless – it’s exactly like downloading any app to a phone. Once you have the license key (sent to your email on sign up) you surf through the phone’s internet connection and download the app. Once installed, the app hides itself away from prying eyes. Nobody will even know it is there. And from then on it’s simply a matter of logging into the website that they give you the address for on sign-up to see all the details retrieved from the phone. You can log in from anywhere, so even if they are abroad this software will be working for you as your own little spy. What’s more – there’s nothing to lose. If you get the spyware from the company that I recommend through these links you are going with the best customer service and quality provider. I’d beware of many of the other providers who promise much but deliver very little. This software works well and they have a full money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. Not that shouldn’t be – they are the market leaders in cell spy software with a reputation second to none – they also provide the best value for money in this market especially with their recent introduction of the Pro License. Check them out here and receive the $100 discount today.


Is The Spybubble App For Android Any Good?

Does The Spybubble App Work Well On Android Phones?

Many users have reported that they have been able to use Spybubble spying software on their Android phone without any problems at all. Unlike for an iPhone where the cell has to be jailbreaked – it is a simple matter of surfing to the Spybubble website and downloading the software to the phone. Actually, I’d wager that most Spybubble users are probably using Android phones because this app is developed to work well on them.

Is Spybubble Any Good For Android Phones?

So what can you do with the Spybubble App On Your Android?

Firstly it can be used as a monitoring device so that you can keep a watch on what your children or teenagers might be doing on their phones. Every teen and many kids nowadays have mobile phones that are internet-ready and so, as parents, it’s natural to want to keep them out of harm’s way if they are able to get online. Sometimes, tech savvy kids and teens find ways around any blocking software that we may install on their phones, so Spybubble monitoring apps can do a good job acting as a second line of defence. It also allows this without appearing intrusive because it can be put on the phone essentially without them even knowing about it. In this way you can monitor your kid’s text messages, for example, to ensure that they are not engaging in, or being made subject to, any inappropriate online or sms behaviour. There is even a Pro Version available where you can listen in to calls live if you feel the need to.

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Another reason that you might want to think about using the Android version of Spybubble is for it’s monitoring capabilities on phones that might be used by your employees or company workers. Sales teams and those employees that are out on the road, for example, can be tracked using the Spybubble tracking app that uses the cell’s GPS system to show you where the phone is at any one time. Even multiple phones can be tracked from your computer easily so you know where your employees are at all times and are able to make sure that they are not moonlighting or otherwise taking advantage of being “out of the office” for long periods of time and that they are where they are supposed to be. Of course, you should always notify employees that they may be being monitored in this way and get them to sign a disclaimer.

So, we have covered the text message monitoring, live call monitoring and gps tracking aspects of the app. What else is there? If they weren’t enough features for you for what is a truly low price (imagine hiring a private investigator and the associated costs!) you can also see al emails sent to and from the Android mobile, check contact books and see other data regarding calls such as duration, who called, who’s being called and how long those calls are. Really, this is the all-in-one mobile spy app for Android phones. At such an unbeatable price, with first-class customer support and service (unlike many of the scammy monitoring products out there) and unrivalled reputation, Spybubble is the best remote cell spying app for Android bar none.

Check it out through this link and take advantage of the $100 discount today!!

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