Cell Phone Spying – The New Private Eye

It used to be that if you wanted to know what your other half was getting up to when they were supposedly working late at the office, you’d either have to go and physically track them yourself or you’ have to hire a detective to do the work for you. As you might expect, this could get pretty expensive very quickly, especially if the tailing went on for days on end. The outcome of a successful campaign would be photographs of your spouse caught in the act, wining and dining their latest flame – or something altogether more raunchy filmed through a seedy motel window.

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While expensive, these methods would definitely get results, as evidenced by TV shows such as Cheaters, where wayward husbands, wives and fiances and brides-to-be are caught in the act by irate partners. The thing is, to most people who suspect some foul play in their marriage or relationship, forking out hundreds or thousands of dollars on a PI simply isn’t an option. Unless you want to go all James Bond and position yourself in trees with tele-photo lenses, this isn’t really something you can do yourself either, without the right guile and know-how that comes with years of practice as an Investigator.

The advent of the smart phone, has changed all that in recent years, though. Now there are all sorts of apps and programs designed to allow you to keep tabs on cell phone use. What probably came out of attempts to track missing phones or to be able to monitor children’s phone use has rapidly grown into a cell spying industry that has bloomed and become more and more sophisticated. It’s also become a lot cheaper to buy this kind of cell phone monitoring program.

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Some of the bigger brands on the marketplace will now offer you cell phone spy basic packages for around $50. For this kind of layout you’ll be able to snoop on text messages, track the position of the cell with it’s GPS tracker (helpful to see if somebody is really going where they say they are). You can also check on all phone calls, both incoming and outgoing from the phone, and see such things as length of the calls – who called who on what number and how often they are doing it. Simply having the ability to spy on a cheating wife or husband’s text messages has resolved all kinds of domestic strife one way or the other. It’s not easy to deny an affair when the damning messages are there in black and white – even if the cheater thought they were being clever by quickly deleting every sent and received love message – this software stores all messages for the spyer to be able to retrieve from a simple computer interface from anywhere in the world.

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Put simply, the phone’s data is beamed to an intercepting server which the buyer of the software has access to. In short, all of the data running through the phone is compromised. Nothing is secret any more, including any emails, photos or internet history of the phone. Chat programs and IM messages to SMS can be seen – all for $50. This is like having your own PI on call 24/7 for the cost of a meal out.

If you want to go further, you can even upgrade at small cost to the Pro License version of the software. This will allow you to eavesdrop in real-time on phone conversations as they happen. This is what phone tapping is all about. The power to listen in and to record a conversation between two people is extremely powerful. Many folks who suspect cheating may not even want to go this far – the intimacy discovered can often be overwhelming. For them the simple text spy is often all that is required. coupled with the GPS tracker which can catch an errant partner where they should not be. The classic example is the overnight business trip. It’s so cliched but it’s a constant excuse used by those playing away, especially because it can be used so easily in conjunction with the guilt card. “I’m trying to feed this family by working all hours and yet you keep accusing me…” Well, it won’t wash with this cell spying app helping you with your data gathering.

And so onto installing the spy software. It’s pretty painless – it’s exactly like downloading any app to a phone. Once you have the license key (sent to your email on sign up) you surf through the phone’s internet connection and download the app. Once installed, the app hides itself away from prying eyes. Nobody will even know it is there. And from then on it’s simply a matter of logging into the website that they give you the address for on sign-up to see all the details retrieved from the phone. You can log in from anywhere, so even if they are abroad this software will be working for you as your own little spy. What’s more – there’s nothing to lose. If you get the spyware from the company that I recommend through these links you are going with the best customer service and quality provider. I’d beware of many of the other providers who promise much but deliver very little. This software works well and they have a full money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. Not that shouldn’t be – they are the market leaders in cell spy software with a reputation second to none – they also provide the best value for money in this market especially with their recent introduction of the Pro License. Check them out here and receive the $100 discount today.


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