German Nazi Salute At London Olympics 2012? Video

I was enthralled by the spectacle of a Green and Pleasant Land one minute – but then saw the disgusting Nazi Salute at The London 2012 Olympics in the next breath.

Whether this “privileged” person did the salute out of some latent German pride or he was intending to incite reaction – it worked. I haven’t researched it enough, I admit, but the sight of somebody using the classic Seig Heil salute during the London Olympics Opening Ceremony was outrageous – and I’m glad it was caught on the BBC cameras.

At the time I was shocked, turned to my wife and her jaw was also agape! This was unusual. This was insensitive. What PLANET was this guy on?

Is there a simple explanation for this? Am I overeacting to this example of a nazi salute at the 2012 London Olympics? It’s difficult to decide. I imagine all the networks will pick up on this. If only for some respect to be redirected to the German National Olympic Team – so they can just get on with the Games as they were intended. This needs to be investigated and disclosed.

On a side note, the ceremony for the Olympics 2012 was a phenomenal success. Danny Boyle got the whole thing bang on. There was British Pride, British Fall, world interaction and realism in the way that Great Britain is now portrayed. He did a nice job in highlighting the areas in which we need to improve while juxtapositioning that with some awesome British exports that include The Queen, James Bond and Mr Bean.

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2 thoughts on “German Nazi Salute At London Olympics 2012? Video”

  1. Good grief!!
    Here we go again! This man is waving! I can see it looking a bit Nazi looking but he is clearly JUST waving. Everyone so eager for this to be the case of a Nazi salute, so eager for something bad to happen!
    Get over it and stop digging into something that’s not there!

  2. well, the heil hilter was done with the right arm & hand an also not with a waving movement. it was done as just one move and then keeping the hands straight up.
    even though this guy seemed to be old enough to be a nazi in his very youth, i do not think he was
    doing the nazi salute.
    he seemed somehow handicaped with the right arm.

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