Grand Master Flash Channel 4 2012 Live Mix Video

Grandmaster Flash Tunes

See Video below – scroller down!

secret 6 minutes

Scratching ferociously like an old pro with his left hand – this guy is head and shoulders above the competition

Cross fader perfection

It’s Tricky Twitter Rock The Casbah Facebook

Cross-fade Segue Scratch Intuitive Silent Burn

Scratch roll – Emi – Up A 2

Up 82 gravy Kanye smidged in there

Siren finale drum roll acid squelch 303 D&B

pop rock jazz blues same as it ever was lets go baby

Here we Go {Scratch} Here We Go {Scratchety Scratch} Hands in the air stay wid me

Nuttin pre-recorded

Here we go

hey hey hey

Crescendo Raise your hands – here we go – dub fade

Break it down



6 djs 6 hours competitions stay up all night

Bristol wassup? Liverpool what’s good?

Inside da place

Michael Jackson, Pet Shop Boys West End Girls


It’s Like A Jungle

Don’t Push Me Cos I’m Close To The Edge

Who stayin up 4 da next 4 DJs?

Stay wid da Grand Master – hands up

Kriss Kross

House of Pain (riddim) House Party Let me Clear My Throat

Y’all gonna make me lose my cool

The Power snap scra scar scar scratchety scratchety scratchety

dont fake dis dont fake dat ! seg house of pain – much love for the power snap!

gittin kinda hectic

seg DJ Rob Base Eazy Rock…..

chubby waste stick legs tail dropper rank top

fly fellas. accapella

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