How Can I See What My Husband Is Texting?

How Can I See What My Husband Is Texting?

If you’re looking for answers about “How can I see what my husband is texting” I guess you’re in a situation where you are pretty suspicious that he is cheating. You may have heard that it is possible to spy on your hubby’s cell phone, but are not sure if this is true or exactly how it works? Well, if all you are looking to do is to spy on your husband’s text messages, then at least you’ll be able to chose one of the cheaper forms of software that will allow you to spy on his mobile phone.

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Many people are surprised, but you can even buy spyware for cell phones that allow you to listen in to a call live. You can even make the phone live so that you can listen in to the surroundings! This may sound like something from a spy movie, but it is possible – for the right price. With this sort of software we are looking at the top end of the market at around $350, although there are versions that will allow you to pay a smaller amount for a limited timespan.

However, with your query – How can I see what my husband is texting – there is an extremely proficient piece of software available that will let you do just that for around $50. And it will allow you to do a whole lot more, besides. But first, I’ll explain exactly what you would need to do if you made this investment.

The first pre-requisite is that you can get hold of the target cell phone for around 15 minutes. More time would be better and would act as a safety net if you were to have problems with the upload, but this is extremely rare and in most instances you would have the software uploaded within ten minutes. The second pre-requisite is that you can actually get into the phone’s menu. It’s no good if he’s put a lock on the phone that you don’t know the password or code for. The third pre-requisite is that the phone can connect to the internet.

Is There A Way To See What My Husband Is Texting?

What you would need to do is follow the links in blue on this post. This will take you to the manufacturer’s web site. Here you can check out much more specific information about the spyware and which smartphones it is compatible with. Essentially if he has a modern smartphone, whether iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Symbian you will be able to use this software. Almost all modern phones (and going back 3 or 4 years) are covered. Can I spy on my husbands cell phone becomes a moot point!

Once you have ascertained that the spyware will work on the target’s phone, you need to follow the links to register, and make a payment selection. (There are many ways to pay – and the billing is extremely discreet). You will then be able to download the software to the phone – don’t worry, you’ll get full installation instructions with screenshots to help you. Once the spyware is uploaded to the phone simply reboot and you’re done. You will now have a window on his world that is completely hidden from him. There are no giveaway icons, bleeps, internet history or any other track left on the phone that will make him suspect you are able to read his text messages.

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When you sign up you are also given access to your own private online web pages where you can log in, in your own time, to see all of the information that the spyware has gathered from the cell phone. This is where you get the answer to your question of “How can I see what my husband is texting“. Here’s what else you’ll be able to do with this nifty spyware:

– Read all text SMS messages to and from the phone. Yes, incoming too! (Even if they are instantly deleted they will be recorded in your private web page!)

– See all calls made to and from the cell phone, the name called or dialling in (if it is one of the contacts in the address book – or the phone number if not). You’ll see call time and duration of each incoming and outbound call made.

– You can see where the phone is whenever it is switched on via it’s GPS capability. This is very powerful if you feel that he has not been honest with you about where he’s going. Those late nights at work, those rounds of golf? Well, you’ll be able to track him via your web page in Google Maps.

– See all contacts in the address book.

– See all URLs visited, read all emails to and from the phone and see all photos and images sent to and from the phone.

This technology works where ever the phone is in the world. You will have your very own private eye on his world, with all of the data available to you in a stored format that is easily printable. All this for under $50 – the price has been knocked down from $149 but who knows how long that is going to last!

I Need To Know What My Husband Is Texting!

I hope that this post has been of some help to you in letting you know about this software, what it can do and how you would need to install it. Only you know if spying on what your husband is text messaging and these other things is the correct course of action. What I always say to those who highly suspect that their partner is cheating is “Who holds the moral high ground? The one doing the spying or the one doing the cheating?”. Your future and that of your family may be at stake here and only you can make the decision to go forward with this.

You Can See His Texts Today – $100 Discount On This Awesome Spyware – Click Here

I hope that this has been useful and that I have answered your query of – How can I see what my husband is texting – and then some!


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