How To See Who’s Texting My Daughter

Who’s Been Texting My Daughter?

Like any worried parent, I think it’s fine that you should be able to monitor who might be texting your daughter, especially if there’s any history of trouble from boys or you suspect that texting or naked pictures are being sent or received.

It’s not just this – increasingly our kid’s mobile phones are being used for bullying in ways that mimic the old playground bullying of our younger years. While we might think that things are getting better in our schools as parents, teachers and schools try to stamp out bullying in the physical sense, children can find cruel ways to get at their peers nowadays via cyber-bullying online or via nasty text messages. If you suspect that your son or daughter is getting bullied by text messages but want to hide that truth from you through shame or a sense of not snitching by deleting the messages as they come through – it’s going to be hard for you to find out the truth.

There are ways of monitoring your daughter or son’s text messages that are non-intrusive to the point that they don’t even need to know about it if you don’t want them to. I honestly respect those parents who lay down the law with their children and tell them in no uncertain terms that their phone will be monitored. However, I also appreciate that not all cases are alike and there are times when secret monitoring might be necessary. Some tech-savvy kids, should they know about monitoring software, will do their damndest to get around the situation. Sometimes the best answer is for them simply not to know or suspect that you are doing it.

Spybubble For Child Monitoring

There are a number of cell phone monitoring softwares out there that can perform this kind of text message monitoring on your daughter’s phone, for example, but  you need to go with one of the trusted providers. In all my experience with this software, you will get the best results by using Spybubble. Not only is the software robust and works well – they also have a reputation for customer service and no quibble guarantees with it. If you’re not happy with what they provide they will simply refund you full cost. Some of the, let’s say, shadier vendors out there are not so smart when it comes to their own reputations. They will take your money, provide shoddy software that is not supported and often doesn’t work – and you’ll have a heck of a time getting any support out of them never mind a refund if things aren’t working out.

Honestly, if you need a software that will help you to keep an eye on your daughter’s welfare by helping you track her text messages / sms / emails through her phone with no fuss and nonsense, I’d go for Spybubble every time.

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