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There’s a lot of info out there on the web that teaches you how to tap cell phones but what actually works the easiest every time? The quick answer is that if you are prepared to spend around $50 you can tap cell phones all day long.

You’ll need, first and foremost, to have access to the phone that you want to tap. Unless you work for some government agency and have access to all of their sophisticated spying equipment, or you work for one of the cell phone companies where you can intercept cell phone calls, you’re not going to be able to do it remotely.

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However, there is an app that you can buy and install onto a cell phone so that you can remotely monitor the text messaging and phone calls made to and from that cell phone. You’ll even be able to see which URLs are being visited online and be able to see emails sent to and from the phone. What’s even more remarkable is the ability to tap the cell phone’s GPS capabilities so that you can effectively see where the user is at all times.

Of course, this will only work with a cell phone that is internet-ready. The way it works is this; the software is downloaded onto the phone. At the same time you will be given a login and password to a secure online site from where you can now monitor all of the activities on the cell phone. Once on the cell phone, the software transmits all of the relevant data to the online site and you can access this data at your leisure.

How To Tap Cell Phones

There are a few things you have to think about before using software like this, and it would be remiss of me not to highlight them in an article about how to tap cell phones.

  • As mentioned earlier, you will need access to the phone to download the software to it. It’s essentially like an App, but this one will leave no trace that it has been put onto the phone. You’ll need a few minutes to download this software by browsing to the website using the phone and then hitting the download button. You’ll also need to enter an activation code that will be provided once you’ve paid.
  • You need to check the local laws in your region. This is important because cell phone spying is generally not legal. If you own the phone then you will probably be on safe ground. Similarly, if you have paid for the phone and you want to use this software to monitor your kid’s cell phone usage then you’re probably also on safe ground. However, putting this software onto somebody else’s phone or trying to use it to spy on an adult or an employee, for instance, will require that they know that monitoring them is a possibility. In the case of an employee, you should also ask them to sign a waiver form with them acknowledging that you may monitor their cell phone use, even if the phone has been paid for by you or your company. Again, it’s totally legal to buy this software, but how you choose to use it is up to you and you really should check your local laws regarding privacy rights etc.
  • There are a number of sites out there that will tell you how to tap cell phones but much of the information is lacking. They will often promote scammy spyware or a manufacturer that you can never contact. What I’m linking to here is a reputable company with software that actually works. They also provide a no-questions-asked full refund if their product does not live up to your expectations and they provide decent instructions and customer support. You should check on the site which phones the software is compatible with, but generally, it will work on any modern smartphone that has internet access. Most iphones, Android, Windows and Symbian platform phones will work with this software. Have a look on the site to check compatibility with the exact model phone that you want to tap.

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All of the above features are possible with around $50 spent (And to be perfectly frank, the ability to see text messages and the GPS tracker are well worth this price alone) but if you’re looking for the state-of-the-art spying software that will allow you to actually listen in live to cell phone calls – it will even alert you when contact is made with a particular number or caller, then you’re going to have to spend a little more. You can even activate a cell phone remotely with this software so that a cell phone can transmit to you what is being said in the environment aound it. This really is top-of-the-range stuff so you’ll be paying a premium, but let’s face it, it’ll be peanuts compared to what a hired Private Eye would charge you. If you really need to see what is possible on your quest to find out how to tap cell phones, you need to visit this site.

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