I Want To Find Out Who My Wife Is Texting

I Want To Find Out Who My Wife Is Texting

I want to find out who my wife is texting! I know the feeling. I’ve been there, done that, not quite bought the t-shirt, but I did wake up one morning wondering why she’d been getting up more and more regularly in the night recently and going downstairs to make a cup of tea. Supposedly it was under the pretence of not being able to sleep, but as it was happening more and more, I admit – it was starting to play on my mind.

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One of those nights, at the end of my tether, I let her do her thing of quietly getting out of bed and turning on the kettle down in the kitchen. Using the noise (that I was now getting used to) of the kettle boiling at 4am as a camouflage, I snook downstairs and walked into the lounge. She was huddled on the sofa with her new android htc desire in her hands and she literally dropped it as I made my entrance. “Not sleeping well, hun?” I asked, feigning that sleepy, dozy state.
It was unbelievably telling to me how quickly she pulled the phone back to her to hit a few buttons as she casually tried make out that it was the hay fever keeping her awake. Right there! I want to find out who my wife is texting.

I know she has hay fever, she’s had it for the twenty years that we’ve been together. Why, all of a sudden, does it mean that she’s getting out of bed for a couple of hours almost every night even well outside of the hay fever season? Of course, 3 or 4 months of this and my mind was racing. I need to find out who my wife is text messaging. What else would she be doing every night, in the middle of the night, with her new smartphone? Playing Angry Birds? She wasn’t a gamer. The only thing she’d ever used her cell phone for was texting me, her friends, her family or calling those same numbers. And that had never happened in the middle of the night.

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We all know this is a kind of pre-amble to what I did about it. When you get that feeling that your wife is cheating on you, it’s not even just the obvious signs of withdrawal, disassociation or the blatant use of the cell phone as a weapon or means of escaping her usual, everyday life. There is always that gut feeling. That instinct that tells you that something else is going on. It’s really hard to believe that she might be fantasising over someone else. Texting that other guy. Is it somebody at work that she sees daily? Is it one of your mutual friends? These kinds of thoughts are soul destroying. “I want to find out who my wife is texting” becomes the sole craving of your entire being. That might sound poetical, but the emotions that these kinds of feelings provoke start to consume your life. It’s not good for your own well being.

That is why you need to stay calm, take a back seat for a while and try (though it’s very hard to do) to remain objective. What can you do about this? What if you’ve got it terribly wrong? Can you ask her THE question outright?

There is another way. You can simply (and quite coldly) spy on her text messages. Only you can answer yourself on the moral implications of this. I like to ask the question at this point. “Who holds the moral high ground?”.
The cheater or the spyer? Of course, this is a loaded question with straw man argument written all over it. You have to check your assumptions before you decide to act on this kind of question. It will always be down to individual circumstances, and quite often falls back to that most intangible of things – gut instinct. However, it also boils down to the truth in most cases. When something has changed substantially in any relationship, that truth tends to be distorted and twisted. If I want to find out who my wife is texting, at this stage, I’ll turn to objective things like computer software, gadgets, and in this particular instance, cell phone tapping software. You can literally spy on your wife’s cell phone without being detect

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ed. You’ll see all text messages coming and going from the target phone – even if they’re instantly deleted. That’s because if you sign up with this ridiculously cheap $50 software, you’ll get an exclusive, private login control panel online where you can see exactly what’s going on with that phone real time. It will all be recorded, too. And stored and printable.

For your $50 (what’s that, the price of a weekend steak meal for two?), you could end all of the “not knowing”, which is the most difficult thing to come to terms with. Almost all illicit relationships run through telecommunication devices. They’re either texting each other or calling (and you’ll get all the lowdown on calls made, duration and time, too.) If your question is still along the lines of “I want to find out who my wife is texting” then this spyware for cell phones will do it.

On top of the obvious text spying function, you’ll also get cell phone location tracking. If you pay your $50 you’ll be able to see exactly where the target phone is at all times that it is switched on. If you’ve seen Google Maps, you’ll know what I mean. This will get you down to the nitty gritty of location to almost meter resolution. This is a difficult tool to beat if you’re wondering where she’s going on all these new found gym nights out.

Just those two functions are worth more than the price of the package. You’ll also be able to access all URLs visited from the phone. You’ll be able to read all email messages into and out of the phone (this is important – many people have wised up and feel that this is safer and less detectable than the standard sms messages).

There are plenty of other benefits and functionality available with this particular software. There are many imitators online and they simply don’t provide the same service. If your question is “I want to find out who my wife is texting” then the best quality and value for money answer is right here in the links in this thread.

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