Is Access To The Cellphone Required To Use Spybubble

One of the commonest questions that I’m asked here at is whether access to the target cell phone is required to use the Spybubble software.

The answer is an emphatic “yes”. Spybubble relies on the user being able to download the software through the smartphone’s internet service onto the phone. This is not something that can be done remotely. In fact, there is no software available that you can use to spy on a cell phone that has this capability. That is why it is important that you are able to get hold of the phone that you want to monitor so that the software can be installed.

Of course, this is often easier said than done. Which makes using Spybubble a little tricky and, actually, a little sneaky. You need to think of ways in which you can get time alone with the phone so that you can get the download onto it. Once the download is on there, it’s all good to go. The user isn’t going to know that the software is monitoring them because once installed it slyly hides itself deep within the phone away from any obvious menus or front screens. Even deep digging into the phone will not reveal that it is there.

But the crux is getting it on there in the first place without the user knowing about it (or knowing about it if you are in a country that requires this!). Another thing you have to be aware of is that you will need to be able to unlock the phone if it is locked with a pin or password. Many people don’t bother using a PIN but anybody suspicious of what you might find on their mobile phone – like strange names in the contact book, for instance, are going to be likely to keep it locked.

So, first and foremost, you need to know their password or PIN number for the phone because if you can’t get onto the web browser you are not going to get any further. Next, you obviously need this factor to be in place but also to be able to get 5 minutes or so alone with the phone (and with internet access, whether through a wifi network or through a 3G or 4G connection.)

As long as you have these factors in place you will be good to go. You’ll be able to sign up and pay for the software (doing this beforehand from any PC is your best bet – so that you are ready to initiate the download in the quickest possible time.) What happens once you’ve paid is that a download key is sent to the email that you used to pay with – so getting this ready beforehand is easy and definitely worth it if you’re going to be short on time when it comes to downloading to the target phone.

So here we go – the check points you need to download Spybubble – you have:

1) Already paid for the software and have the download key which was sent to your email

2) You have some time alone with the target phone

3) You know the PIN or password of the cell phone that you want to download the software to

4) You have internet access via wifi or 3G / 4G

With these three things in place you have all the required factors in place for downloading Spybubble. If you’re struggling with any of these prime factors required to be able to download Spybubble to the phone of your choice, check out the blog which will give you some ideas and alternatives about how to get around these problems and still be able to gain access to the spyware on any phone that you want. There are some sneaky tricks you can try if you are struggling to achieve any of the four points listed above!

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