Is It Possible To Snoop On Someone’s Cell Phone?

Because of modern technology, cell phone tapping has become accessible to virtually anyone. There are many ways in which a phone can be tapped and, depending on the country or region you live in, this may or may not be legal. Nonetheless, with the appearance of the Smartphone on the market, the process has become so simple that anyone can do it through specialized software. Let’s talk a little bit more about Smartphone tapping, as this is the easiest type of phone you can “get into”.

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Typically, software that enables Smartphone tapping works on a range of operating systems, such as Blackberry OS, Android, Symbian, iPhone OS, and Windows Mobile. The better the software, the more operating systems it will be compatible with plus the more features the software will have. Thus, if you start making a list of cell phones that use one of these operating systems, you will come to the conclusion that cell phone tapping can be widely used by anyone. If you are not sure of the operating system of a cell phone, you can simply find out on the Internet, as this sort of information is very easily accessible. Simply type in your phone manufacturer and model into any search engine and you’ll easily be able to find the OS.

So, what are the principles on which these programs work? They usually work like computer spyware – as a silent background process. Companies that provide these programs can usually provide server space through subscriptions. Once the invisible program is installed and running, it will send XML info to that server, and that information will be available for the person that installed the software; the person who has tapped the phone can then log in to his own account on the company’s website to consult that info at any moment.

This type of software will always try to be as stealthy as possible. It will be virtually invisible to the user; it will not create/display any type of icon on the screen, it will not take visible actions, and it will try to pass any kind of detection test. The engineers who create these products rely on the stealthy nature of them to do their jobs so they prioritize this aspect of the spyware so as not to let their customer’s down.

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Such software can allow the person who has tapped the cell phone to listen to conversations, record them, read SMS and MMS messages and, excitingly enough, monitor the location of the cell phone via GPS – all these without the knowledge of the owner. This is not difficult to do – usually, all you need is five minutes alone with the phone, in order to install the application. What you must keep in mind is that, in order for you to be able to trace all this info, the target phone must have Internet access. This is the way people manage to spy on android phones or their partner’s iphone, for example, without worrying about getting caught. Beware those websites that say that you can do this remotely – it’s not possible. If you think about it, the only way of doing this is to implant the app on the target phone so that it can transmit the data running through the phone to a third party service – which you can then snoop on.

No matter how stealthy tracking software may be, there are still some things that could make a phone user suspicious, but most of the people who own a cell phone will simply not suspect anything. These signs may include the temperature of the battery (when the user is not engaged in a conversation) being a little higher than usual, a slightly higher battery use, background noises (echoes, clicks or static) and a short delay in the shut down procedure. These signs are, we might say, universal, as there can be many other factors that could lead to such signs and are so slight so as most users simply won’t even notice. Overall, from this point of view, using programs like these is really not risky.

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