Is My Husband Secretly Phoning Another Woman

I suspect that my husband is secretly phoning somebody – is he having an affair? He hides his phone away from me all the time. He keeps it constantly locked and he won’t let me near it.
I guess these are all signs of cheating – the way he is jealously guarding it.

The thing is, if you don’t have the trust between you to allow each other to see your cell phones, then there is obviously a serious problem with the relationship, whether he is having an affair or not.

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There are few ways of tackling an issue like this and the obvious one is to come straight out with it and ask him directly who he is secretly phoning and why is he being so obvious in keeping his phone away from your prying eyes. Of course, this wil probably be rebutted with the usual “If you trust me – then you would not need to pry on my phone” or “What happened to my privacy?”

Granted, privacy is one thing – but if his actions are way over the top and it’s obvious that he is hiding something – then you have the right to know (as his wife) what is going on.

That’s where cell phone spy software can come into its own.

I have to warn you that spying on somebody’s phone without their permission is almost certainly unlawful in most western countries. However, you must check your local laws on this to be certain. It definitely isn’t illegal to buy the software that I’m going to tell you about. It’s what you do with it that you must be careful with.

Basically, Spybubble is a software that can be installed on a cell phone, and once it is, you can view all of the data passing through that phone from the safety of a remote computer. Whatever you can think of, including texts, sms, emails, call data can all be seen once this is installed (both into and out from the phone). Whatever secrets he’s keeping will no longer be secrets. If he is talking to somebody secretly on his cell, then you’ll know all about it. The new updated version even allows you to listen while the conversation is taking place.

When the software is installed – it is completely undetectable to the user. The trick is getting it on the mobile in the first place, because you need access to the phone and you need it to be unlocked. This is so that you can use the internet connection to get to the online download through the phone and install the software.

Check out Spybubble’s homepage for compatibility and prices. You’ll expect to pay around $50 – but for that price this is the best on the market and avoids you having to contend with all the spammy brands out there that will leave you out of pocket and with  poorly performing product.

If you need to spy on your husband’s phone because you believe that he is secretly contacting somebody or carrying out an affair through texting – or even taking it further into real life, then this will let you know what is going on for sure. No more guessing. No more worrying. This software gets you to the truth – fast.

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