Is The Spybubble App For Android Any Good?

Does The Spybubble App Work Well On Android Phones?

Many users have reported that they have been able to use Spybubble spying software on their Android phone without any problems at all. Unlike for an iPhone where the cell has to be jailbreaked – it is a simple matter of surfing to the Spybubble website and downloading the software to the phone. Actually, I’d wager that most Spybubble users are probably using Android phones because this app is developed to work well on them.

Is Spybubble Any Good For Android Phones?

So what can you do with the Spybubble App On Your Android?

Firstly it can be used as a monitoring device so that you can keep a watch on what your children or teenagers might be doing on their phones. Every teen and many kids nowadays have mobile phones that are internet-ready and so, as parents, it’s natural to want to keep them out of harm’s way if they are able to get online. Sometimes, tech savvy kids and teens find ways around any blocking software that we may install on their phones, so Spybubble monitoring apps can do a good job acting as a second line of defence. It also allows this without appearing intrusive because it can be put on the phone essentially without them even knowing about it. In this way you can monitor your kid’s text messages, for example, to ensure that they are not engaging in, or being made subject to, any inappropriate online or sms behaviour. There is even a Pro Version available where you can listen in to calls live if you feel the need to.

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Another reason that you might want to think about using the Android version of Spybubble is for it’s monitoring capabilities on phones that might be used by your employees or company workers. Sales teams and those employees that are out on the road, for example, can be tracked using the Spybubble tracking app that uses the cell’s GPS system to show you where the phone is at any one time. Even multiple phones can be tracked from your computer easily so you know where your employees are at all times and are able to make sure that they are not moonlighting or otherwise taking advantage of being “out of the office” for long periods of time and that they are where they are supposed to be. Of course, you should always notify employees that they may be being monitored in this way and get them to sign a disclaimer.

So, we have covered the text message monitoring, live call monitoring and gps tracking aspects of the app. What else is there? If they weren’t enough features for you for what is a truly low price (imagine hiring a private investigator and the associated costs!) you can also see al emails sent to and from the Android mobile, check contact books and see other data regarding calls such as duration, who called, who’s being called and how long those calls are. Really, this is the all-in-one mobile spy app for Android phones. At such an unbeatable price, with first-class customer support and service (unlike many of the scammy monitoring products out there) and unrivalled reputation, Spybubble is the best remote cell spying app for Android bar none.

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