My Boyfriend is Sexting Other Women

My boyfriend is sexting other women – I know it’s happening, I saw one of the texts. However, since he knows I saw it he’s deleting everything but I’m sure it’s still going on. What can I do to find out if he is still sexting and chatting to other women on his phone?

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Well, you can invest around $50 in some spyware that will allow you to see remotely exactly what he is getting up to on his cell phone. The only snag is – you’d need about 10 minutes alone with his cell so that you can download the software to it. However, once it’s been downloaded (just like you would any app through the internet) it will be totally invisible to him. There’s nothing on the phone, in the menus or anything else that will give away that the software has been installed.

The next step is that you can log into your secure viewing area online, from your own phone, laptop or whateverand then view exactly what he’s getting up to on his phone. Whether it’s sexting, chexting, sending photos, receiving photos – you’ll be able to see all the inbound and outbound text messages, SMS, emails, pms and bbms and anything else that he is using his phone for. If you need to know if he is cheating on you and you suspect that he is doing it through his cell phone then this is the definitive way to find out.

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As well as seeing all activity to and from the phone, you’ll be able to keep track of him via the Google maps option. So, if he says he’s going to some particular place – you’ll know for sure if he’s telling the truth or not – you’ll have your own little Private Investigator via your laptop.

As well as all this there is even the option to upgrade to the system whereby you can actually snoop on his conversations as they happen. Yes, incredible as it may seem, but with the $20 upgrade you can actually listen in live or record what he is saying to somebody (and what they are saying to him) actually as it happens.

Now I know $50 isn’t going to break the bank if it means that you’ll finally be able to find out for sure exactly what he’s been getting up to. Those suspected sexting messages or suspicious phonecalls that you may have overheard – what exactly is his game?

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If you need to know if your boyfriend is sexting another girl or if he is in any way cheating on your relationship – the way to find out for definite is through his phone – and this is the best, cheapest and most trusted system bar none.

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