Should I Spy On My Husband

Should I Spy On My Husband?

The question “Should I spy on my husband?”¬†usually doesn’t come lightly to any wife. There is obviously something drastically wrong with your marriage if you even have to contemplate such a thing. Whether it is complete paranoia due to a chain of events that might have come to pass to cause you to irrationally suspect some wrongdoing, or there is plainly something suspicious going on that you need to get to the bottom of, the way such internal questions can eat you up inside really demand addressing. The last thing you want is to become one of those marriage and divorce statistics.

The question of should I spy on my husband has been facilitated by use of modern cell phones and spyware
The should I spy on my husband moral debate has again been highlighted by modern cell phone tapping techniques

Of course, the question of whether you should spy on your husband opens up all kinds of moral issues. However, left to fester, these kinds of inner turmoils can drive you to an increasingly depressed and confused state, so the answer to your inner brain calling: “Should I spy on my husband” ought to be a resounding “Yes!”, if that is what is going to deal with the problem and help you to maintain or recover your own well being and sanity.

Let’s face it, if you end up spying on your husband’s cell phone, tailing him in your car, or hiring a private eye (and how much does it cost to hire a private investigator?), and he comes away cleanly from the intervention, you can keep it quiet, check on your own internal jealousy, suspicious or inquisitive nature, pass it off as a misjudged call and get on with your life. Apart from a little work, perhaps, on your own insecurities, that is not an immoral path to take as long as neither party are unduly hurt by the action.

On the other hand, if you discover from checking his cell phone calls or texts, or tail him to another woman’s home and you are left certain that he is playing away, then the moral objection to spying on your husband is immediately out-trumped by the even worse moral indiscretion of his having reneged on his wedding vows. The moral issues seem quite clear cut in a situation like this.

One of the problems of spying on your husband is the fact of admitting or confiding your concerns to third parties, whether they be a private detective, friends or members of your family (the latter two can have longer term consequences if you happen to be wrong.) Of course, the best of friends should always be on hand to guide you through such difficult times, but sometimes it might be better to not involve any other person, at least initially, if you decide to try to investigate your husband’s fidelity.

I mentioned spying on your husband’s cell phone earlier, and there are real options out there, by using software, that will allow you to do this, completely undetected, and without the large costs – that could run into hundreds if not thousand of dollars, of hiring a private investigator. It is basicall a form of modern cell phone tapping.

There is a software application which, as long as you can get access to your husband’s mobile phone in order to upload it (within minutes), you can see exactly what is coming into and going out of his phone.

This may be making sense to you now. It’s not unusual for a wife’s first suspicions of her husband having an affair to be the suspicious making and accepting of calls and text messages. The constant locking of the screen, the way he never leaves his phone lying around like he used to. And those muffled sounds from the bathroom or down that garden that he passed off as work calls at strange times of the day..or night.

If you are silently screaming on the inside, “Is he cheating on me?” or the daunting query of should I spy on my husband is still eating you up and you seem to have nowhere to turn, or you don’t want to involve anybody else at this stage, this might well be the answer for you. Once you have this software installed on your husband’s cell phone you will be able to spy, undetected, on his text messages, his contacts and address book, see who he is calling and who is calling him, the call duration, and as if that wasn’t enough to glean the truth, you’ll be able to see exactly where he is at any time the phone is switched on by GPS technology that will show you on a mapping system down to a few meters. Once installed, the software is undetectable and you will have your own private membership area of the web where all of this data will be streamed live (and will be recorded) and you’ll even see the GPS co-ordinates on Google Maps to narrow him down to a particular house in a particular street.

For the cost of less than $50 on the last check, and a simple anonymous online download, this link¬†might be your best bet for sanity. You’ll finally know the truth and you’ll be able to take the next steps and call in the reinforcements of friends or family to finally confront the pain that you have been put through. Take a look today and consider this one of the tools in your arsenal to improve your life from this moment going forwards. You’ll have your answer to that burning question of “Should I spy on my husband?” for better or for worse, but at least you’ll have your truth.

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