Should I Track My Child’s Cell Phone Text Messages

Once upon a time, people used cell phones to talk to each other. Now that feature is steadily being replaced by texting and using phones to browse the Web. Studies have been conducted all around the world that show the younger generations use their cell phones to text each other much more often than they do to talk over them. This would be nothing of any real importance if the phenomena known as cyber bullying or sexting would not have risen to worrying proportions.

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If you have a kid around the age 12-13, you most have certainly already bought him/her a cell phone. However, kids these days do not regard that as a privilege, but more as a divine right. While owning a phone is indeed very useful these days, it also requires some responsibility and understanding of what a cell phone means – and the dangers that they can represent if left in the hands of youngsters who are still innocents at that age but continually being pushed earlier and earlier into what we would consider ‘adult’ territory by peer pressure. Parents should try to explain that to their kids to keep the messages at an appropriate level for their age.

But simply explaining is not nearly enough, sometimes. You need to have a way to keep track of what goes through your kid’s phone – if it comes down to it and any of the warning signs (usually obvious to any interested parent) are starting to show. I know not all kids and teens are trying to be bad but it’s certainly in their nature to push the boundaries – that’s just part of being a growing up teen –we’ve all been there.

Track My Teen’s SMS and Calls?

In order to keep a closer eye on any of your kids that may be worrying you, you could consider a program that keeps track of text messages sent and received. The features offered are varied and plenty, and range from simply showing you the number of messages sent and received, to allowing you to read the messages. If you want further details on the exact features offered you can check out my review of the cell phone spyware at the following link: cell spy review

As already mentioned, cyber bullying via messaging is a growing phenomenon and can have serious effects on your kid and consequences that can sometimes get out of control if left unchecked. This can be prevented by essentially spying on his or her phone. If he or she usually writes a few messages a day, and receives just as many in replay, then everything is probably ok. If, suddenly, the number of messages received increases a great deal and the outgoing messages stop, something may well be wrong – this is just one instance where such software may allow you to intervene, in your own subtle ways. Talk to your kid immediately. Don’t feel bad about spying on their privacy, as this is for their own good – they won’t know that you’ve been snooping on messages or monitoring their calls as the software has built in safety mechanisms that hide it deep within the smart phone with no way of tracing once installed. If such situations are left unchecked, serious depressions and even darker thoughts can install. As a parent, you may feel that you need to intervene as soon as the first signs appear.

Sexting is also a practice that sees increased levels of frequency. Most of the times, girls are targeted. This can leave them emotionally scarred or instill in them a sense of the (adult) world that may seem twisted or extreme. Therefore, measures must be taken as soon as you read the first inappropriate messages.

As you can see, keeping track of your kids’ messages log is something extremely beneficial to you and to them. Many misdemeanors or unsavory behavior aimed at your child can be prevented using this method. You keep the children out of harm’s way until they are old enough to take their own decisions, besides keeping them safe from the many dangerous temptations modern society offers them.

Tracking cell phone messages is not a bad thing, as already substantiated. It is not an illegal practice, nor is it immoral. If something bad comes out of it, it’s because of improper handling of the information discovered. But wanting to keep your child safe is something to be admired, and keeping track of the messages sent and received is one of the least intrusive ways of doing that. So, stop guessing what your kid is going through and actually find out.

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