Can I Spy On My Employees Cell Phone

The best way for a business owner or a supervisor to spy on an employee’s cell phone is to use a mobile phone spying software that boasts advanced features allowing users full access to the information stored on and all the activities performed on a target cellular phone. With the effects of the recent economic downturn and the scarcity of jobs nowadays, office employees have to be particularly careful that they can still bring home a paycheck by being honest and efficient at work, which means taking their employment very seriously.

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Legal Employee Cell Phone Monitoring Software
Is it Legal To Spy On Employee’s Cell Phones

Sometimes, it’s not uncommon for workers in the office to waste precious office hours – and their employer’s investment in them – by doing the exact opposite of what they were hired for in the first place. Workplace indiscretion can be something petty like playing mobile phone apps on the job or, on the other hand, something potentially damaging like trading classified company information with a rival business. Catching malicious or wasteful work practices can be as easy as clamping down on an employee’s cell phone activities by using mobile spying technology. 

In order to spy on  an employee’s cell phone, you would have to install a cellular phone monitoring software on the target phone or phones – and that’s very easy to do. It doesn’t matter how technologically advanced an employee’s mobile phone is – certain cell phone spying software will be able to do the job while the employer quietly monitors activity, calls, texts and web surfing. Initially, a boss would need to distract his employee for a few minutes so that he can upload the tracking software on the target mobile phone, and once that is accomplished, the tampered cellular phone becomes a conduit of information in the form of phone calls, messages, phone contacts information and online transactions. As long as the employer owns the phone then this practice is usually legal. You ought to check with a lawyer for the exact circumstances in which this can be deemed a legal action.

If an employee is spending an inordinate amount of time tinkering with his mobile phone instead of doing work at the office, his boss will be able to determine this undetected. An added attraction of a cellular phone tapping software is the GPS tracking feature. To spy on employee’s cell phone allows a concerned office superior to find out if an employee is really where they say they are – at home sick or actually taking illegitimate leave from work by being elsewhere. As long as the target cell phone is switched on the monitoring system will tell you via online maps, where the iphone, blackberry or Android smartphone is. Armed with concrete proof a boss can make an informed decision whether to retain an employee or terminate his services. Again, you must be careful about the legal considerations for this type of recourse. I would always recommend checking with a lawyer before taking any of the above courses of action.

The typical reasons that an employer might want to monitor cell phone activity, when the cell phone belongs to the company, are reasons such as:

Time Wasting – playing apps, games, web surfing or long duration personal phone calls.

Trading or theft of company intellectual property or secrets – acts of corporate betrayal, company intellectual property theft, property theft.

Employee location monitoring – ensuring that employees are on the correct route if driving, performing the job efficiently, not moonlighting, at home when illness claimed.

Abuse of company property – using cell phones to call abroad, personal use etc.

As stated above you must ensure that you consult with a lawyer before taking any action such as mentioned above. You must be aware of the individual’s privacy and human rights. It might also be that you will need to get your employees to sign a waiver that they will not abuse the company cell phone in the ways described above, or also get them to acknowledge that the use of the company cell phone may be monitored. Although it is a sad reflection of our times, the need to spy on an employees’ cell phone may save money and improve efficiency in the long run.

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