How To Detect If Your Cell Phone Has Been Tapped

It’s quite a common occurrence nowadays for folk to be tapping other’s cell phones. There are a number of products out on the market that will allow you to tap a spouse’s cell phone and the sales have increased dramatically with the advent of smart phones that have internet access.

Of course, it’s usually cheating wives and husbands that these spying tools are being used to try to catch, although the more legitimate uses are often touted, such as keeping an eye on your kid’s phone habits or checking up on employees that you think may be up to no good.
So with this amount of spying going on, how do we ensure that out cell phone has not been tapped by some unscrupulous person?

First of all, you should always keep your phone in sight or on your person.

Secondly, you should always keep it locked with a pin code or password access. Never divulge this to anybody. Those that you trust most could be the ones intending to do the bugging!

Thirdly, there are a few signs that you can look out for that somebody may have installed spying software onto your phone, as follows:

The battery life wears down quicker than usual, lights and activity suggest that something is happening on a phone when it is supposedly not in use, any new icons appearing on the phone – especially in the “downloads” section of the settings menu. These downloads might appear harmless and might be called “radio” or some other such innocent-seeming phrase. If you have definitely not downloaded something recently with that name or it appears to serve no purpose then this should raise a massive red flag with you.

Remember that to install phone tapping software, the phone has to connect to the internet and the person doing the spying will need to download it to the phone in much the same way as an app would be installed. If you stop anybody from being able to do this kind of thing in the first place there won’t be any problems – hence points one and two above about keeping your phone tight and keeping it locked.

Last but not least, if you suspect that your phone has already been tapped or bugged, then you might want to resort to restoring it to factory settings. You’ll lose any info that you put onto the phone up until this point, of course, but perhaps it would be your safest bet in the long run.