How Does Spybubble Actually Work And Is It Real?

First of all I want to address the question of whether Spybubble actually works or not. The definitive answer is a resounding YES. I’ve had many reports back to that users have been totally satisfied with the software. Overly impressed, in fact. Most of the customers talk about how it actually exceeded their expectations in the features that you could use with it.

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When people hear about Spybubble, they generally think that it is going to show them text messages from the target mobile phone but it does so much more than that. Especially with the Spybubble Pro Upgrade which packs in incredibly sophisticated modes that allows you to also listen in to conversations between the user of the phone and others.

The only problems with Spybubble working that I’ve ever heard reported back are the fact that you need access to the target phone in the first place in order to install the software. Folks are often mistakenly under the impression that somehow, magically, the app can be installed remotely – but this is simply not the case. That is not possible with any spying software out there today – despite the scammy claims of some fly-by-night shady companies. You have to be able to go online WITH THE TARGET PHONE ITSELF in order to download the Spybubble Program.

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Obviously, this isn’t always possible because people that have something to hide often take the security around their cell phones incredibly seriously and you won’t be able to get anywhere near it – never mind unlock the PIN code. There are a few tricks that you can use, however, if you are facing this dilemma and I give you some hints and tips here or here

So, really, I’ve kind of covered how Spybubble actually works as well. It’s simply an app that you download to the phone. The data from the phone is then secretly transmitted to s secure web server that you will get the login and password to. You then simply login at your leisure and can watch all the data from the phone at your fingertips. This includes all emails, text messages, IMs, BBMs, Internet chatter, photos and pics sent and received, call logs including contacts, time and duration of calls and so on. It’s pretty incredible, really, the amount of punch that this tiny, hidden software can have. You can even track the location of the cell phone at will via Google Maps whenever you need to know where that person, be it cheating spouse, fraudulent employee or errant teen or child actually is when they say they are somewhere. As has been testified by many customers – these are the real telling details of what people are getting up to behind your back.

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And as mentioned before, the new Spybubble Pro Version lets you even listen into the calls themselves and also use the phone as a sound recorder of the environment that it is in by operating it remotely.

Considering that the software is available for all major smart phones including all major brands of iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Android and Windows phone systems, is incredibly cheap for what you are getting – and is from the most reputable company in the Cell Spy business, yes Spybubble does actually work and it works very well!

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