How Can I Spy On My Wife’s Cell Phone Calls

How Can I Spy On My Wife’s Cell Phone Calls?

It’s not a nice place to be if you are asking yourself “How can I spy on my wife’s cell phone calls“. Obviously something has happened to make you suspicious of her behavior – perhaps she’s taken to not answering her mobile phone when around you. The classic example of somebody getting up in the middle of the night to either make or receive cell phone calls may be familiar to you.

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So what can you do about it? Obviously you want to be able to listen in to your wife’s calls. This is actually possible with certain spyware for cell phones, but it is expensive. It would probably set you back around $350, although there may be cheaper ways to pay for such cell phone spyware on a month by month basis.

To be honest, another way of answering the age-old question of “How can I spy on my wife’s cell phone calls?” is to use a much cheaper form of cell phone monitoring software. With this software, you won’t actually be able to listen to the live voice calls, but you’ll be able to spy on her cell phone with a number of functionalities that may well help your to resolve the problem, or at least find out what she has been up to, once and for all. And honestly, 90% of people find out what they need to know using this more simple software anyway – and here’s why:

It allows you to view all text messages into and out from the target mobile phone.

It shows you all numbers called, and all calls into the phone along with name (or simply number if the caller is not logged in the contact book), duration of call and the time of the call.

It will allow you to see that target phone’s location at any given time whenever it is turned on (you can imagine how powerful this might be)

You will be able to read all emails sent to and from the cell phone, as well as all urls visited and photos sent / received.

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There are other functions that I won’t go into here, but you can see, just from the ability to read your wife’s texts and see where the phone (and, hence, she is) you can soon piece together evidence for cheating. If part of the problem recently has been you not believing she going where she says she’s going – this software will reveal the truth. And if you suspect her of receiving or sending text messages and then immediately deleting them, so that you’ll never find them – again, this software will record those messages whether they are deleted or not.

Along with the software, which will need to be uploaded to the phone and is completely undetectable, you get access to a secure website from where you can monitor all of the phone’s activity. The cell phone location checking software using the phone’s gps functionality will show you where the phone is when it is turned on. You can literally follow her around on Google Maps. And all of the information about texts, emails, phone calls¬† and the other stuff is stored for your perusal at your leisure in an easily saved and printable format.

If you are still wondering “How can I spy on my wife’s cell phone calls” and you don’t want to burn a massive hole in your pocket on the more expensive “Live listening” software, or by hiring a private eye, then follow the links on this page to the best quality, value-for-money cell phone spying software available. Yes, it will set you back just under $50, but that is surely a cheap price to pay to answer those questions that have been burning inside of your head. That need to know the truth for certain can eat you up and is no good for your well being.

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How Can I Listen To My Wifes Cell Phone Calls

How Can I Listen To My Wife’s Cell Phone Calls?

You’re probably in a desperate state of mind if you’ve recently asked yourself the question, or are looking up online, “How Can I Listen To My Wife’s Cell Phone Calls?”.

Being suspicious that your wife is cheating on you can fill you with anguish and pain – a pain that won’t go away until you know for certain what’s been going on. If you cringe every time she gets a SMS text message because they’re always deleted, even if you manage to get a sneaky check of her cell phone afterwards or when she calls, yet again, to say that she’s going to be late from work, or just when you know that she’s not really going to the gym or aerobics all those times, you need to do something about it before you go out of your mind.

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The best way to get that closure – to know what has been going on for certain, aside from hiring a Private Eye – that would cost you from a few hundred into the thousands, depending on what they need to do – is to spy on their cell phone. So how can you listen in to your wife’s cell phone calls?

In this day and age, cell phones are the obvious and commonest means of communication for an illicit relationship. Just a quick text or phone call and their plans are made. Nobody ever thinks they’ll get found out because they can simply delete all texts and evidence from the phone. I expect they keep the phone locked most of the time, too.

However, if you can get access to that phone for 10 – 15 minutes and it is not locked with a password, then you can install some spying software and finally find out what’s really been going on. Once installed, the spyware for cell phones will basically log every text message, and phonecall into and out of the target phone. For SMS messages you’ll be able to read the actual text messages. You’ll be able to see who has called, when and for how long. You’ll even be able to get a precise location of the phone as long as it is switched on via Google Maps so you’ll know for sure where she’s going on all those evenings when she says she’s been shopping or out to the gym. And this software, once downloaded to the phone is undetectable. She won’t find out that you’ve been spying on her unless you tell her.

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The great thing about this spyware is that you get a private login area online where you can see all of the information captured. Even if the the text messages are subsequently deleted, your login area will keep records of exactly what was said. You can also see all the URLs that are surfed with the phone and any pictures sent to and from the phone. For most people asking about “How Can I Listen To My Wife’s Cell Phone Calls?” this information is actually enough to let them know what is really going on without having to pay the premium prices of software that actually lets you listen in to your wife’s cell phone calls. That’s partly why I recommend this approach first. Aside from sparing you from having to listen to what might be a heart-breakingly painful exchange between your wife and a potential lover, you would need to splash out about $350 for spyware that actually allows you to listen in.

If you want to put an end to your misery and finally find out what she’s been up to, so that you can take the next steps to move on with your life you should consider this an excellent way to find out. You’ll need to check the phone compatability and I’d recommend upgrading to the Priority customer support so that you’ll be able to use this software hassle-free and get instant support for any hiccups (not that there should be any – as set-up is very simple and fully explained)

If you still insist on the question “How Can I Listen To My Wife’s Cell Phone Calls?” and you want to actually listen in to what is being said, or even use the target phone to spy on surroundings and listen in that way you’ll need to read my post here.

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