How Can I Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages

Many ladies out there find themselves asking “How can I read my boyfriend’s text messages” when they think that their guy might be playing away. It’s an obvious place to start looking for clues if you suspect he’s been straying, after all, because most communications in this day and age are carried out through our cell phones, from text messaging, emails and, of course, phone calls.

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Many guys are secretive about who they’ve been calling or texting and their sms history, should you ever get a glimpse at it could be a treasure trove of hints at why you might be worried about what he’s getting up to. But what if he deletes those messages instantly, those that are sent and received, so that you cannot snoop on him? He’s not likely to leave footprints of his misbehavior all over his phone, is he?

How To Read My Boyfriend's Text Messages
Need To Know How I Can Read My Boyfriend's Text Messages

There is a way to spy on all of your boyfriend’s cell phone activity, as long as you can get access to it for a few minutes to download the spyware app. Of course, to do this, you’ll also need to know his PIN or password if he keeps it locked. If he’s lax enough not to lock it, you can bet he’s been deleting text messages as he goes.

The software that you’ll find at the end of these links is awesome. Once you have managed to download it to the phone it is completely invisible to the user. It will also allow you to do a whole host of things such as viewing all text messages sent to and from your boyfriens phone – even the one’s he’s been instantly deleting. It will also allow you to view all of his call logs – so it will show time and duration of who has called or who he’s been calling. It will show you the contact that the number is attached to, if that data is stored in the phone’s contact book – or the number if it’s not attached to a name. Even in the latter case, it’s a simple case of using an online reverse phone number service to find out who the other phone belongs to. (see link to the right in the toolbar —>)

You can even see all of your boyfriend’s emails sent using his phone along with any that he’s been receiving. As well as this you can see all of the websites he’s visiting. If your boyfriend has been visiting pornographic sites or dating websites you’ll soon know about it.

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Another ultra-powerful feature of the software is that you can track all of his movements by tapping into the GPS capability of his phone. Essentially, you will be able to see where the phone is at any given time whenever it is switched on.

All of these details and more will be available for you to view at your leisure through a secret website that only you will have access to. The details of this secure website will be given to you when you make the purchase. Of course, this stuff is not available for free. It will cost around 50 bucks. But, honestly, that is nothing compared to many other spyware prices that deliver a heck of a lot less. For the features that you are getting, the fact that it’s a one-off fee with no monthly rebilling, and the fact that it is the best known and most trusted cell phone spying software on the net, you can’t go wrong with it. Another good thing is the range of mobile phones that it is available for. It will work on almost any smart phone with an internet connection. And there’s a complete money back guarantee if you’re not entirely happy. But trust me – you will be – this spyware for cell phones works and works well.

Unless he’s being totally stupid and leaving his text messages around on his phone for you to look at, you really need to get this if you want to read your boyfriend’s texts. There is no way of doing this remotely, no matter what a few unreputable website out there are saying. There is also not a free version that does any kind of decent job for the purpose that you need. 50 bucks might sound like a lot for a piece of software but you’ll soon find out the truth and what kind of price can you put on your future happiness?

I hope I’ve helped you with your quandary about ‘How can I read my boyfriend’s text messages‘ and I hope that with this super spyware app you can finally put to rest your worries one way or the other and get on with your life again.

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