Is My Wife Cheating? Need To Find Who Owns That Phone Number?

Is My Wife Cheating?

There have been plenty of occasions recently where the question of a cheating wife has come up and the anecdotal evidence has been the presence of a cell phone number (that is bugging you) and that you don’t know who is on the end of that call?

How To Find Out Who Owns A Cell Number

It’s the typical situation. Wife picks up a pre-arranged call (albeit in the middle of the night – or when she thinks you don’t know about it – any time you’re away from her, basically). Husband is jealous (usually for the wrong reasons – or he doesn’t understand what stage this phone relationship is in). The number is the same one that rang this time last week!

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The guy jumps to conclusions. It’s going on all the time. Get over yourself infatuation. It’s jealousy rearing its ugly head and the green eyed monster of Shakespeare’s ditties are giving you the creeps. OR you might just have a point!

Sometimes it’s just your wife phoning her girl friend to talk about the fact that you seem to be ignoring her. Or that you seem to not want to be with her any more. You don’t go out together anymore – not like you used to in the old days.

You’d rather watch the football or go out for a beer with the boys than spend a cosy night in with her watching the TV or a movie. Here’s one that might smart – she’s talking to her girlfriend about the fact that you don’t have sex any more. Or that the sex is bad.

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I can understand that this is gonna get you riled. Less than that (yeah, not more – cos this is going downhill, bro) – it might make you feel a bit pathetic. Remember when she worshipped you? When she couldn’t wait to cosy up to you in bed and do all those things she (and you) used to love?

You can get back to that in the 90% of cases where it’s just been an innocent call – as above – to talk things over with her friends. You’ll have to work hard at this – check out (RELATE WEBSITE) for some ideas on how you can rescue the situation. There are incredible techniques out there for you to work on and get back into the relationship that you once cherished.

If, however, you have some secure evidence that your girl or wife has been phoning another guy on her cell – you need to get to the bottom of that one quick smart. It won’t be too late to save things if that’s what you’re looking for.

Sometimes, the act of being caught in a harmless phone fling will be enough to snap them out of the possibilities of carrying out a physical affair. The bottom line is you need to stop this early on before it becomes physical.

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