How Can I Find Out If My Husband Is Having An Affair?

So, for some reason or another, you’ve had that sickening, suspicious feeling and you’re forced to ask yourself “How can I find out if my husband is having an affair?”. Of course, it’s not something that you’d ever dreamed would happen since that special day that you first decided to tie the knot as a happy couple. But you’ve seen the statistics and you might have noticed strange behaviour recently or felt that he’s been really standoffish – even separated, somehow, as though your husband is in another place – just not connecting anymore. Is he away a lot? Has he been working late, constantly, recently for no apparent reason? Supposedly staying overnight in hotels on business?

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Wondering If Your Husband Is Having An Affair and How to Find Out About It
Can I Find Out If My Husband Is Having An Affair?

If talking through it – and, yes, that should be your first course of action, is not getting anywhere and things haven’t improved or are getting worse, then that nagging feeling that something is amiss might still be playing on your mind. I know many women who will simply shrug it off and pander to his good points, never daring to think the worst, but you don’t want to be taken for a ride and be treated as second best – that’s not what you bought into when you married him. You might have to do a little digging in order to find out what’s really going on.

If you suspect that your husband is having an affair, one of the best ways that you’ll find proof about this in a quick and easy manner – and surely this is what you deserve – is to have a virtual direct line into his cell phone. Have you noticed that he keeps his cell phone very close now? Always keeps it with him? Always keeps it locked with a code that you don’t know? Does he take the cell phone with him when going down the back yard, garden or out into the garage. Racing to the phone to be there first if it rings or if his message alert goes off. This kind of behaviour, especially if it is manifesting itself suddenly and out of normal character, would suggest some kind of subterfuge and you’ll want to know what exactly is going on.

It might not be what you want to hear but spying on his cell phone is the fastest and surest way of getting to the truth here. It’s also the cheapest. A private eye would cost you an arm and a leg. Following him yourself is a possibility, but do you really want to risk that confrontation and situation without proof – and undeniable proof – beforehand? Better to confront him on your own terms, within reach and with the backup of supportive friends, knowing for sure and with proof in hand what it is he’s been up to, rather than forcing a confrontation on your own, in unfamiliar territory, where he can just deny everything and play things down. In these situations you’ll count on your friends for support and backup. It may be possible to get a happy resolution from just confronting his behaviour if you can work it through with him in a forgiving manner and it may turn out that he’s realized what a fool he’s been and will beg immediately for forgiveness. Well, let that be your call – on your terms.

The nitty-gritty is that there is cell phone spying software that you can install on his mobile within minutes. You’ll need 10-20 minutes to upload the software that you can find easily online. Once installed, you’ll be able to log into a private members’ area through the web and effectively see everything that is going on through that target cellular phone. You’ll be able to read every single text, in and out of the phone. You’ll be able to track the phone in real-time (as long as it’s turned on) via mapping software like Google Maps. So you’ll be able to see exactly where he is and how long for. You’ll have full access to the phone’s address book. And you’ll see all call numbers coming into and going out from the phone, and the time and duraton of the calls. Effectively, if he’s been playing away, you’ll have him nailed. The online site that will allow you to trace all of this will also record every movement or action on that phone automatically, even before he thinks he’s covered his tracks and deleted the evidence. The software that is now on the phone and doing the tracking is also absolutely undetectable.

If what’s been keeping you awake at night is the question “How can I find out if my husband is having an affair?” and you’ve been worrying yourself silly because you can’t make any sense of it, you deserve to take this kind of action simply for your own well being. You know that you’re worth more than that. Get the evidence first. Get to the truth of the matter. This will empower you sufficiently to take the next steps.

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