How Can I See Who My Kid Is Texting

So How Can I See Who My Kid is Texting?

There’s probably a good reason why you are asking “How can I see who my Kid is Texting“. Most parents try to strike a balance between giving their kids a reasonable amount of privacy, while at the same time trying to ensure their safety. To some parents (and most kids!) the idea of spying on their kids’ text messages seems a rather Draconian measure, however, there are definitely situations where disasters have been averted by such intervention. The word “spying” probably doesn’t sit easily with most – but what we are really discussing here are ways of protecting the children from those who would do them harm, or even in some cases, their own misguided follies.

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Obviously, no parent wants to have to be put into a situation where this kind of action needs to be taken. However, as a last resort, when talking or other forms of reasoning have been tried and have failed, it might be necessary to be able to see who the child is communicating with via their cell phone and what kind of things those conversations are revolving around. Imagine a child who has been hanging around at school with undesirables – perhaps even sent home or punished for some misdemeanour involving the other children – perhaps something as serious as drug-dealing. You can’t be with them 24-7. Although they may try, even the school cannot control all aspects of who your child interacts with at school. Obviously, they are not going to openly admit to fraternising with these other kids. This is one such situation where being able to see who they are communicationg with, through text messages or emails via their phones or computers, and what they might be talking about, might be of paramount importance. I have heard of cases where people have shopped their own teenage sons or daughters to the police when it emerged that some serious event was about to take place.

How Can I See My Kids Text Messages
What Can I Do If I Need To See Who My Kid Is Texting?


If your child is essentially honest, trustworthy, mature and responsible, then of course, this kind of action is not necessary. However, any sensible parent, who has tried the standard ways of reasoning with their child or teen, can see that such intervention is right and reasonable in certain circumstances, where certain boundaries of trust are being broken. Indeed, they would be being neglectful of their duties as a parent not to try any means of intervention. On to the question of “How can I see who my kid is texting“, there is actually a relatively simple and inexpensive way to do it.

There are a number of cell phone spying softwares on the market, but one of the most reliable and best value-for-money can be found by following the blue links in this post. You do need to be aware of the many scam softwares out there that will take your money and provide no more than a bundle of freely available software that are designed to simply hack a cell phone. YOu won’t ever hear back from these people if you try to recover your cash from them. The company through my link is one of the most reputable online and they also take payment through a reputable payment processor. They offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the software. The cost for the software is currently on discount from $149.95 down to only $49.95. The features that you get for that price are extremely good value for money.

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In answer to your query about “How can I see who my kid is texting” – the answer lies within these features. Once you’ve made the payment, you will be given a download key and your personal access to an online control panel from which you can monitor the activities on the cell phone. Next you will need to use the target phone to go online and download the software (using the download key that you were previously given). The instal takes probably around 10 minutes and is fully supported with instructions and screenshots. This software is available for most smart phones but you can check compatibility over at the link provided. You will also get more information on exactly what these features do, but here is a short outline. By the way, once on the phone, this software is completely hidden from any menus, there are no icons and there are no beeps or other indicators that the phone is being monitored. I, personally, have found this the best way to monitor my child’s text messages. It will allow you to see the following remotely from your online control panel:

  • Be able to read all text messages into and out from the target cell phone. (Even if they have been instantly deleted – they will be stored for you to view)
  • Be able to see all numbers called and calling the cell phone (time and duration) and see a name if the number is connected to a name in the contact book, or see the number if not.
  • See where the phone is at all times that it is switched on – this can be incredibly powerful for tracking your child’s movements especially if truancy is a concern or children not coming home at night.
  • The ability to see all URLs surfed on the web and the ability to read all emails sent and received via the phone.
  • The ability to see all photos or pictures sent to and from the phone.
  • A number of other features

As can be seen from the above, the kind of coverage that you are getting for the one-off fee of $50 will generally allow you to see any activities that might be construed as being against the best interests of your child’s well being.

I hope that I’ve given you some insight into your query about “How can I see who my kid is texting” and a lot more besides and I wish you well for the future.

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Whats The Best Way To Monitor My Childs Text Messages

So what is the best way to monitor my child’s text messages?

With the world of the internet and cell phones so prevalent these days, even with seemingly younger and younger children being allowed access, partly due to peer pressure, concerned parents might well be asking the question: “what’s the best way to monitor my child’s text messages?”. If you want to be able to read or keep an eye on your kids’ texting then you should read on.

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Of course, it appears, in the first instance, to seem somewhat draconian to be spying on somebody’s cell phone or text messages, especially your own flesh and blood, but to many parents, having that parental control in place is essential. Much of the decrying of such monitoring of kids’ cell phones that you will find online, actually comes from the children or teens themselves. Of course, they will feel horrified that you might be monitoring their cell phones or online activity, and they’ll rarely see it as being in their best interests.

With the many online dangers from predators and tales in the news of grooming of children, parents are naturally concerned and will do everything in their power to keep their children safe. Whether you are simply concerned with the company they are keeping (tales of drugs in school, shoplifting, playing hooky etc.) or you want to keep an eye on where they’re going when they say one thing but your suspicious they are elsewhere, the easiest way to answer the question: “what’s the best way to monitor my child’s text messages?” or “how can I track my child’s location through their cell phone?” generally comes down to what is known commonly online as cell phone spying software.

Again, the misnomer of spying. In these kinds of legitimate cases, where the safety and well being of our children are concerned, I prefer the term “child monitoring software”.

Probably the most popular child monitoring software, partly due to its ease of use, relative cheapness and availability for the most types of modern smartphone, as well as complete undetectability once installed is probably THIS ONE. When I wanted to monitor my kids’ text messages, I found it was very easy to install, cost less than the cost of a meal out and had a very useful interface where I could login to the company’s website and see what had been recorded from a secure area.

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This type of spyware for cell phones generally works as follows:

1) Pay online for an instant download of the software.
2) Load the software onto a target phone (If the phone is an iPhone it will require “jailbreaking”)
3) Get online access to a secure control panel from where you can monitor the mobile phone activity.

What can you expect to do with this cell phone monitoring equipment? Well, one of the most important features is that it will record all text messages into and out from the target phone. If your question is still “What’s the best way to monitor my childs text messages” – this is undoubtedly it. There is cell phone spying software that will allow you to listen in to calls live, but these get very expensive. However, I will leave a link at the bottom of this post for what I feel is the best in class for this step up in the cell phone spying market, in case you feel that this is what’s required.

The next best feature of this cell phone monitoring equipment is that it allows you to see the whereabouts of the target phone (whenever it is switched on) via Google maps and GPS. You’ll no longer be wondering “is my child playing truant from school” while you’re slaving away at work, and will be able to nip this type of behavior in the bud. This is actually state-of-the-art and probably the best cell phone tracking software in terms of value for money.

As well as these two useful features you’ll be able to monitor all online URLs and emails accessed from the phone as well as all photos and pictures sent to and from it.

You’ll also see all incoming phone-numbers, and outgoing, and their time and duration. If the phone number is stored in the phone’s address book you’ll also be able to see who’s called or who is being called.

A final feature of this software, which represents the best value for money, in my opinion, is that the software is undetectable even to phone-savvy kids. Nothing appears in the menu, no icons are present and nothing gives  the software away, such as beeps or flashing lights while the monitoring software is being used. All the information is recorded for you in your control panel in printable and saveable format, even if a text message is instantly deleted once sent or received.

If you are serious about your kid’s whereabouts or cell phone safety, and would like the ability to monitor them as any sensible parent should – then this software will give you the peace of mind that you are looking for. This is undoubtedly the best way to monitor my child’s text messages that I ever found with cell phone monitoring and phone locator thrown in at a sensible price.

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