How To Spy On A Cell Phone From Your Computer

How To Cell Phone Spy

Knowing how to spy on a cell phone from your computer can often be the gateway to the real truth about what your spouse, employee, teenage kid or child is getting up to. Of course, moral objections are often voiced about such activities, but it is without doubt one of the surefire ways of getting to the truth of a worrying matter quickly and without the associated costs of a private eye.

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Whatever your opinion on the moral objections, it is a fact that thousands of people employ cell phone spy apps to track the activities of a loved one or a suspicious person in their lives. The software is out there and it works. You need to be mindful of the laws in your region against infringement of individual rights and rights to privacy, but the bottom line is, if you own the phone, then you are probably within your rights to track it with whatever software that you want. I’m no lawyer, so you need to check the law thoroughly, but in most cases such as the monitoring and protection of a child – if you own the target cell phone that they are using then you are totally legitimate in using it as an aid to monitoring them. Likewise, if it is a spouse whose behavior you are worried about, there is hardly likely to be a court case if the phone was jointly used or paid for by you. However, I would advise anybody who is unsure of the laws to check them before using such cell phone spying software.
If an employee is using a phone that you own, for example, you’ll probably need to get them to sign a waiver that tells them up front that the phone might be monitored.

So, how do you spy on a cell phone from your computer or by using some of the spyware apps and tools that are out there? Well, here’s a general run down on how it works and what you’d need to do.

Essentially what you are doing is downloading a piece of software to the phone. This software relies on the phone being connected to the internet to clandestinely transmit information about the activities on the cell phone back to a data collection point that you can then access via the internet from any computer to secretly view those activities. If you suspect, for example, that your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend is carrying out an affair, it is likely in this day and age that they’ll be texting each other sweet nothings and planning their secret rendezvous on the cell phone. It’s a simple matter for them to simply delete all traces of such messages instantly the moment that they are sent or received, after all. But what if you could intercept all of those damning messages?

How To Spy On A Cell Phone From Your Computer The Easy Way

The know how of how to spy on a cell phone from your computer has been around as long as smart phones have existed. With today’s modern iPhones, Blackberries, Android, and all other phones that are internet-ready, the ability to track them and the activities on them has become very easy if you have the right software. You can even track the location of a cell phone when it is switched on, because the software will exploit the phone’s GPS and cell triangulation capabilities to show you exactly where it is at any given time. When you log into the secure, personal website that you get access to when you buy the software, you’ll be able to see if he’s really out playing golf with the boys or, indeed, shacked up in a hotel with his floozy. (I’ll try not to be partisan, here: men and women in equal numbers are using this software to track their partner’s illicit affairs!).

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So, the first step is that you would need access to the target cell phone to be able to install the software on it in the first place. Of course, this software is not free, no matter what you might have seen peddled online. The one’s that work well and have a proven track record have to be paid for. There are several companies online that sell this kind of spyware for cell phones, some better than others and at varying prices. As stated previously, don’t be tempted by websites that tell you that you can get this stuff for free. They’re simply trying to get you to their site through the search engines. Cell phone spying software for free (that actually works!) doesn’t exist online. If you find it – please do let me know.

The spying software that I’d recommend, and that I’ve had the best feedback for, in terms of ability to do the job, value for money, and ease of use can be found by following the blue links in this post. Here’s what it will do for you once uploaded to the target cell phone.

Track and record all text messages to and from the mobile phone – even when they might be instantly deleted after reading or writing. The data collection website that you’ll log into, in your own time, records all messages for all time. You’ll be able to read every text or sms from and to that phone, including the ones that might crucially let you know what you’ve been suspicious about. They’ll also give the number that the text came from or went to, even the contact name (if that is logged within the phone’s contact list). Even without a name, you’ll probably be able to trace the cell phone number to its owner by using reverse cell phone lookup services (here’s one you can try).

Another extremely powerful feature of this software is that you’ll be able to follow the movements of the phone, and hence the user. Whenever it is switched on (and most cell phones invariably are most of the time) you’ll be able to see, using Google maps, the exact position of the phone. If they’re using the old ‘working late’ excuse and you can see that they’re not where they’re supposed to be, and you know exactly where they actually are, down to an address….well, I’ll leave it to your imagination. Again, with young teens or children that have been skipping school, or you need to know where they are going in the evenings, this is an incredible window on their world. Likewise, if you suspect that your employee is not where they are saying they are when they should be, this tool will give you irrefutable proof.

There are a number of other features that you’ll find useful in the arsenal that this software provides. As well as text messaging tracking, you’ll be able to see all numbers called and all of those incoming calls. Again, it will reveal the number or contact doing the calling, the time called and duration of the call. Yet again, this can provide information that may reveal and substantiate to you things that you’ve already suspected.

Another aspect of the software is the ability to spy on the online activities of the phone including seeing all emails sent and received via the phone and internet sites visited. You can also see all photos and pictures sent to and from the phone. These are all available to you as they are all stored in you secure web server area.

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Another thing that almost clinches the deal for me with this software is that it is not detectable once installed on the phone. The user will have no idea that it is there and doing what it is doing. There are no extra icons in the apps list, no lights flashing or beeps and whistles when the software is transmitting its secrets to your online server space. Simply put, it won’t be found or even suspected. The only person that will know that the phone is being spied on will be you and that can only be done through the secure website that you are given the password and details to when you buy the software.

The best thing, however, about the software that you’ll find by clicking the links in this post, is that it comes incredibly cheap at only $50. The software has been heavily discounted down from $149 and this makes it, in my opinion, the current market leader in cell phone spyware. The customer service is second to none, even if you’re technically challenged, you can upgrade at a small extra charge for priority customer support. Not that most folks will need that; the installation process is very easy and comes with detailed instructions and screenshots to help you. Even if, after all of this, you do not get what you were expecting from the software, the reputable online company that makes the software will give you a no quibble, no questions asked full refund of your money up to 60 days after purchase. There really isn’t anything to lose with this deal. The payment methods are many and varied, discrete and secure through one of the biggest software purchasing handlers online.

I hope that this article has been helpful for you in understanding how to spy on a cell phone from your computer. I think you’ll realize now that the key thing is the software – it’s not something that can be done without it. Given 10 minutes with the target phone and the small price to pay for such a powerful spy tool, I think you’ll appreciate why it’s the most popular and trusted spyware out there. I hope that you can get to the truth of your concerns so that you may take the appropriate steps to move on with the best course of action for you. Sitting there feeling inadequate and not taking action while worrying and fretting about what might be going on is no way to live. Good luck.

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