The Best Ways To Monitor My Teen’s Text Messages

How To Monitor My Teenager’s Texts

Despite the obvious moral objections being posed by folk about infringement of civil liberties and individual rights, many parents have come to me with the express question “What are the best ways to monitor my teen’s text messages?“.

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Best ways to monitor my teenager's text messages - spy
Monitor my teens text messages? – should I spy on my teenager?

Of course, the simple way, a bit like the old days of tidying their rooms and accidentally coming across their diaries, is to pick up their modern blackberry, iPhone or whatever it is and to start digging. But it’s not so simple, is it? For starters, their phones rarely leave their pockets. (Except when they’re eyes down on it in busy traffic – with the iPod earphones shutting out the rest of the sensory world.) The quandary, as seen through history, is should I spy on my teenager?

Usually the phone will need a code to unlock it – I’d say approximately 50% of the time a parent (indeed many others) could guess this by brute-forcing birthday numbers or house alarm codes or some other well know pass / pin / code within the family. In the other 50% of cases, you’re simply not going to be able to guess their password.

Unlock My Teen’s Cell Phone

If you happen to be in the former camp and you get lucky and can access the functionings of their cell phone you can easily spy on almost everything that they are doing on it. From text messages to internet history, call logging (including numbers and contacts called and calling) to images sent and even the ability to track their location via the GPS capability – you have a veritable “Virtual detective” right at your fingertips if you download a certain app to the phone. The real bonus is that once downloaded to the phone it’s virtually invisible – even to those internet and tech-savvy kids of yours. So, essentially you’ll need to pay for the software, take 10 minutes to download it to their phone and then log in to the secure website from where you can check all of the data that passes through the cell phone. It’s a virtual window on their lives and they’ll never know that you were even there.

This magic bullet is called Spybubble and you can pick it up through the discount link below quickly and cheaply to help give you peace of mind.

Secretly Monitor Your Teenager’s Text Messaging and Much More – Best Value Software

If you were in the latter category and you don’t have such easy access to your teenager’s cell phone – either because it’s locked (and you don’t know the password) or because you simply cannot get hold of it for sufficient enough time to get the 5 minute download onto it then you might try the following.

How To Spy On My Teenager’s Texts or SMS

Offer to buy them the latest, greatest cell phone with all the bells and whistles that they desire for their next birthday. You’ll need to whack out the few hundred dollars for the latest iphone 4 GZ or whatever it is – but in doing so you can arrange for the phone to contain the app before it even gets into their possession! There are other wily ways to get this done – check out the blog posts for other ingenious ways to monitor your teen’s text messages. There are also tips on monitoring a younger child’s first cell phone.

In all seriousness – your kids will hate you for this if they ever find out. In 99.9% of cases this is probably going way over the top and wouldn’t even be considered by any well-meaning and liberal parent who believes in their child’s or teen’s right to self-determination. However, I know that some parents are so concerned about their teens welfare and well-being – whether due to the bad crowd that they are hanging out with, drug issues, theft issues, gang problems, truancy or other serious misdemeanours or criminal acts that to not interject in this way and try to do the best to keep them out of harm’s way is, in itself, tantamount to a criminal act.

Secretly Monitor Your Teenager’s Text Messaging and Much More – Best Value Software