How To Get A Free Trial Software Download For Spybubble

Spybubble Free Trial – Not Happening! And Here’s Why –

It’s kind of a cheeky Spybubble Free Trial question that you’re asking! Granted, there are a few free cell phone spy software’s out there – apparently. But whether a free trial download or it’s simply a free app you’re after, you won’t find them talked about here. What we are talking about here is state-of-the-art cell phone spying, tapping or tracking software – your online scam companies that offer FREE simply won’t provide the goods that you need.

But Spybubble is not one of them! There’s no free trial downloads for Spybubble because why should they have to? Spybubble actually works and does its job at a very reasonable price! (Check out this $100 Discount link!)

Any of the so-called cell spy downloads or free-trials that claim to compete with Spybubble are simply trying the old marketing scam techniques on you. They most probably simply won’t work and they hope that you will forget about the money you spent with them when you don’t get any kind of response from their support desk. That’s what they’re hoping for – that’s why they are claiming free. They play the percentages and hope that people can’t be bothered to refund within the 10 days or whatever it happens to be on that day.

The thing is – although you do need to pay for a trial with Spybubble (whether it’s free or not to download), they will, at least, honor their refunds in a quick and no quibble manner. They are confident, professional (and REAL COMPANY enough) to offer outstanding customer service and will not rip you off. Spybubble works so well as a cell phone spying download that they don’t have to be a shady, fly-by-night company dealing with refunds all the time. With engineers trying to improve the system and service all the time, they’ve managed to become field-leaders in cell phone spy technology.

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They stand by their awesome product that will allow you to spy easily on a remote cell phone’s text messages (both inbound and out – and let you record instantly deleted text conversations), internet surfing data, see people’s photos and pics they are sending and receiving. It will allow remote access to emails, your spouse or partner’s PC history (in one of its super cool PC user tracking incarnations). The crazy thing is – you can even listen into other people’s phone conversations as they happen! Imagine being able to eavesdrop on that cell conversation that is eating you up with what is being said!

To be honest – I wouldn’t even bother looking up the free spyware softwares. This one would beat them all hands down. Check out this post (link above) where I give some tips on getting an even bigger Spybubble discount on a download than I’ve mentioned is possible previously. There are no truly free trials in this world on Spybubble software. But testing it can be absolutely free. And I’m guessing that you’ll be happy having paid for this marvellous cell spy program, anyway. After all, I bet it will help solve your problem – cheating lover? Checking your teenager’s phone safety? Monitoring your travelling employees? Helping companies to monitor phone misuse? You can do it all easily and efficiently and now very cheaply at Spybubble.

A Real Review of Spybubble Software Part 1

Part 1 – And A Secret Spybubble Coupon Discount Trick!

When I set out to do a  real review of Spybubble I had a few criteria that I wanted to check, indeed that needed to be checked, in order to secure the best phone tapping software available on the market. I’ve tested Flexispy, Mobistealth, Spyera Gold and a number of other so-called spying softwares and they all had their good points and their bad – some of them very bad, especially cost and functionality! But more of that a little later.

You have to ask yourself what you need the software for in the first place. There are the obvious uses such as snooping on a cheating partner and trying to find out exactly what they are getting up to. The secrets held on their mobile phone logs can be a dead giveaway – the most basic of which would be the text messages detailing the secret trysts, meetings and tell-tale puppy-love chitter-chatter that surrounds such affairs. Although sickening to see, there is no doubt that sexy text messaging between your spouse and another person is probably the number 1 candidate for underlining that there is, after all, something really happening. When that innocent ‘poke’ on Facebook or ‘tweet’ from his or her work colleague starts becoming more regular, and you notice a distinct attempt by them to hide their cell phone from you, then it might be time to start worrying.

Anyway, enough of the whys and the wherefore’s. How does Spybubble shape up as a cell phone snooping tool? Doing an honest review of Spybubble had to involve buying and testing the software, otherwise it wouldn’t be a candid or fair review, would it? So how was the buying process?

Well, here’s a couple of things I discovered right at the start that will help you get a better price right from the get-go with a Spybubble Coupon Code . If you are considering buying Spybubble any time soon – back out of the order page! (see method below for a further $10 discount). The sales page is standard fair – a bunch of bullet points touting the advantages and features of the software and a decent enough sales video. There were no overly outrageous claims that I could see – the software wasn’t claiming to do anything that any of the others (somewhere, between all of them) couldn’t do. It seemed to have the features that any spying software would have, and did accentuate the fact that their product was available for a whole host of smart phones. I’ve read that they’ve recently upgraded the versions available and have added the ability to spy on emails sent by the mobile phone, which was not available a few months ago. They also have a version for the latest iPhone – although, as with all of these tools, the iPhone needs to be ‘jailbreaked’. I’ll have a post here very soon about the pros and cons of jailbreaking the iPhone.

Spybubble Discount Coupon Code

So on to the order page – by the way, they did use the old scarcity marketing tactic of making out that the price was at a massive discount – which apparently it was. The strikethroughs on the ‘usual price of’ $149.95 showed clearly that today was a big $100 discount day. Of course, it’s been at the around $50 price, or close to it, for as long as I can remember. Here, there was a breakthrough that I thought I’d try as it’s an old marketing trick. Once on the main order page where you can change the currency, choose the payment method (and there are a good variety of secure methods!) make sure that you hit the back button on your browser. This little trick will save you $10 because it will activate a pop-up that will let you have a further discount on the download! Try it again and you may get more – this did not seem to work all of the time. You’ll notice that there is a ‘discount coupon’ box on the order page. What the pop-up does is essentially let you have that coupon discount, which they claim is for “friends and family” of those that have already bought the software. In effect, it’s an old known marketing trick where they simply want to keep you there and make the sale. Their profits will be cut, effectively, but a cut profit is better than no profit in any decent marketer’s book. So into the innards of the real review of Spybubble we go.

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