Spybubble Pro Upgrade Version Selling Fast

I’m getting tons of enquiries about the Spybubble Pro Version and it seems to be selling like hot cakes! The latest update from the Spybubble company has made it possible to listen in to phone conversations live – giving that extra edge in cell phone spying tech.

Already a popular and revered spyware provider, Spybubble have capitalized on their great reputation by providing an updated version that rivals the best cell phone snooping software on the market and within a way lower price range than its closest competitors.

Grab Spybubble Pro Version Here

The new add-on can be bought as an update to the existing software if you have already purchased Spybubble and will allow remote call listening meaning that you actually get to eavesdrop on phone conversations as they happen. You can also use the phone as a remote surveillance monitor which will actually turn on the phone at your command so that you can listen in on what is happening in the phone’s immediate environment. Imagine listening in to conversations in a hotel room or in a car – small spaces like that would reveal intimate details about what is going on close to the phone.

This is a pretty fantastic upgrade to the traditional Spybubble software which already allows text spying, cell tracking and data snooping on the target phone. It compliments the original version of Spybubble giving all round snooping capability to rival any other product on the market – and because they’ve been so succesful and made this the most popular and used spyware for cell phones, they can make it ultra-cheap as a must have Spybubble upgrade.

So, if you have a need to to spy on someones phone without them knowing, as long as you’re obeying the law, of course, grab the Spybubble Pro Version today and take advantage of this immense cell spy technology while it’s on special offer.

Grab Spybubble Pro Version Here