I Suspect That My Husband Is Calling Another Woman

I suspect that my husband is calling another woman on his cell phone. How can I be sure of this when he deletes his call history and text messages?

This is a pretty common problem that I’m asked about because the answer, as suspected, relates to the use of cell phone spying software to get to the truth of the matter.

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Aside from somehow catching him in the act by some other means of subterfuge, for example, trying to bug the room in which he is using the cell phone, or simply listening in somehow from nearby, how are you going to catch his secret cheating calls? Even using these methods above, if you manage to get close enough to hear what he’s saying, you’ll still never see the reaction coming from the other end of the phone or what is being said to him. What’s more, what if he is deleting all of the saucy text messages that he is receiving from his lover? If he’s not totally stupid, you’ll never get to see any of his incoming or outbound sms messages because he’ll simply delete them as soon as he’s done with them.

I Suspect My Husband Is Calling Another Woman

So what of the so-called cell phone spying programs on offer online? Do they work, how do they work and are they worth the investment?

First of all, yes, many of the best ones do work – and work very well. Cell phone spying apps have become big business in recent years with the advent of smart phones that have internet capability. In fact, they exploit the world of phone apps that we are immersed in today because that is exactly what they are. They are programs that you can download to almost any cell phone and once installed they will hide themselves so that they cannot be discovered – this is the first sneaky step that they take that has given them the name spy programs. Next they will transmit all of the phone’s call and text message data, plus a whole lot more, to a receiver that allows you to then retrieve all of that data remotely via the web.

How do I find out if my husband is calling another woman?

And here we hit the first potential snag. You have to download these programs to the cell phone in question. If your husband’s mobile cannot use internet, is constantly locked (and you don’t know the pass code), or is constantly in his possession so that you couldn’t possibly get time to download an app to it – then the game is already over. You will need access to the internet on his phone for around 10 minutes (to be on the safe side) in order to download one of these snooping software programs to it. If any of these seem impossible – but you still want to try the method – how about findig out surreptitiously what brand new spanking phone he would fancy – and buy it for him as a present (pre-installed with the spying app!).

Most men are sloppy when they are having affairs and if they are deleting the obvious data from their phones such as call history, internet history and text message / sms data, then they’ll probably think that’s all they need to do. If so, they may be lax with pass codes and the like and be prone to leave the phone lying about. This would be your chance to quickly install the app. It really does only take 5 minutes max to download such a program but you’ll want to give yourself some leeway in case of hiccups. You’ll need to think about how you approach this operation so here are the bassic steps and the order that you’ll need to perform them so that you can get this done efficiently and without problems.

Go have a look at the site – check the compatibility of your husband’s mobile with the software first of all. Also, take a look at the functions that the spy program can perform. Right here I’ll tell you that people have been amazed at the kind of data you can retrieve, including:

View all text messages to and from the phone (even after they are instantly deleted!)
View the location of the phone – and hence your husband – at any time that the phone is turned on (a really powerful feature that will show you physically where he is via online mapping software like Google Maps. If he says he is out playing tennis or working later at the office and you suspect that he is playing away – you’ll soon know where he’s been going!)
View all contact book information
View all incoming and outbound call history including time and duration of calls. This is tied to the contact name or phone number that has been called or has been calling him, so you can filter out calls quickly from his known contacts in his address book and it’s a simple matter of a reverse cell phone number lookup service (plenty of these available online) to get the truth on that secret number that he’s been hooking up with.
View all emails sent via the phone
View all internet surfing history
View all photos and pictures sent using the phone

Cheating Husband? – Catch Him On His Cell Phone – Huge $100 Discount Today!

If this kind of functionality hasn’t impressed you then you’re wasting your time here with these methods. At around $50 you won’t find a better performing, value-for-money spyware that actually does what it says on the tin.

So, having checked that the software is compatible with his phone make and model (99% of modern smart phones including all Android, Symbian, Windows, you can even phone tap an iPhone etc.) and that you are satisfied at the level of functionality that you are going to get from this smart snooping program (and remember – it is totally invisible to him once downloaded to his phone – no icons, nothing in the menus or any other trace of its existence on his mobile phone) then you’ll need to proceed to the payment page.

Here, again, the company that produces this most trusted spying software will offer many discrete variations to pay for the program. Once paid for you will be sent the download key (a code) and the login details for your secure remote spying login panel on their website. At the same time, all download instructions including screenshots to help the less software savvy will be provided on how to go about downloading the program to the phone. All it is up to you to do now is to pick an opportune moment when you can get hold of his cell for around 10 minutes (probably less if you are confident of the steps involved in downloading an app). You would surf to the download site using the internet browser on the target cell phone and initiate the download using the download key that you were provided with on sign-up. Once downloaded – Done! The program will start to run its magic.

From now on all data from the phone will be stored for you to retrieve whenever you want to browse it from anywhere in the world in your secure online account. And this will work wherever he and his phone is in the world too. Those business trips abroad that may have sparked your suspicions won’t be overlooked by this software.

So there are the ins and outs of how you can use this increasingly pouplar software to find out if your husband is calling another woman. If you already suspect that he is, but needed the backup of the facts to help you consolidate your  suspicions and finally make a move to change your life for the better, then here’s the best tool to do it with. As for value for money – the only other alternative is to try some of the other spywares that are out there but having tried and tested them all – this is without a doubt the cheapest yet best-performing software tha I have used. Of course, you could alway call in a private eye, but your bill will doubtlessly run into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars. For peace of mind, even if you know that he’s cheating – and doing so using his mobile phone as the main means of communication – to have the solid evidence in front of you of where he’s been, who he’s been texting and what he’s been saying, for $50 that, to me, is well worth the knowledge that you are not imagining things, putting things out of perspective or seeing something that really is not there at all.

If you suspect that your husband is calling another woman – and you need to know what’s going on for sure, here’s the best piece of software you’ll ever use.

Cheating Husband? – Catch Him On His Cell Phone – Huge $100 Discount Today!