Is It Possible To Tap A Cell Phone Remotely?

With all the furore in the news recently about phone-hacking, I’m getting many questions based around the theory: “Is it possible to tap a cell phone remotely?”.

Well, undoubtedly, this can be done with the best technological means. It would be silly to think that our great industrial and political machines wouldn’t have the power to do this by covert means and with all of the electronic and surveillance sophistication at their disposal. But is there anything available to the general public that would do the same sort of job? If so, how does it work and how much does it cost?

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One of the first things that needs to be defined is the term “tap a cell phone”. Are we talking about a method of listening to live phone calls (dynamic) or just a means of hacking into the phone’s ‘static’ data so that such things as contact books and call data are visible? Another thing that has cropped up recently with the media storm over phone hacking and tapping scandals is whether we are talking about tapping the phone itself (while it is being used) or simply hacking into the cell phone’s message storage system – which quite often only entails guessing a multi-digit password to access the stored messages.

What we’ve been seeing in the media lately – and what eventually led to the downfall of the News Of The World and, indeed, is still under much public scrutiny, is the way in which celebritys’ and others’ phone answer services had been tampered with by simply guessing, or brute-force guessing (multiple, automated, sustained attempts) the answer service password. These can, and have often been cracked by using people’s birth date digits or some other such pertinent numbers that would be personal (and hence, easy to remember) for the user – yet also easily available out there in the public domain for any hacker to try to break through with. How often have you used a birthday of a loved one or your own as part of an online or electronic password? Try a few combinations such as your age, year and month born and house number and you can see why many of these phone message services have been easily broken into.

If you are asking; is it possible to tap a cell phone remotely by using some sort of software or app that is installed locally onto the target phone – then, yes, it is totally possible and probably more widespread than you would have guessed. There are downloads available online – for not many dollars at all – that somebody with access to your phone could install in a matter of seconds. They would get access to all of your phone’s data such as text messages, emails, call data live (as it happens) beamed to a remote server which they could log into online any time and peruse at their leisure. It costs literally $50 for this kind of software – and the worrying thing is – it’s so well hidden, you’d probably never even know. And this stuff is available online to anybody, legally.

Add a few more dollars on to the top-end and you’ll be able to find an all-singing, all-dancing piece of spyware that will also allow an outsider to listen in to your LIVE phone calls! This is serious spying not too far beyond the realms of a James Bond movie!

So, in summary, is it possible to tap a cell phone remotely? The answer is yes. You should beware, with your increasing reliance on your mobile phone as a means of communication, that the means are out there to exploit it. You also need to be aware that, although legal to purchase online, what you do with such powerful apps are subject to local laws of personal infringement. These matters regarding cell phone spying softwares are not to be taken lightly.

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Find Out How To Tap A Cell Phone

If you’re wondering how to tap a cell phone, you’ve probably heard online somewhere that this is possible and not just some fantasy that is only available to James Bond or the Feds. Indeed, it is possible to tap a cell phone, but it depends on exactly what you want to do to know how you should go about it.

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If your prime motive is along the lines of “How can I listen in to my wife’s cell phone calls” then you’ll need to pay a quite a lot of money for the cell phone spying software that will let you do that. Essentially there are two main types of spyware for cell phones. The most popular type (probably because it is the cheapest option and will get the job done in 90% of cases) is the kind of cell phone spy software that will let you monitor text messages into and out from a target cell phone. It will also show you where the cell phone (and, hence, the user) is at any moment in time via online mapping and gps software. You’ll be able to see which number is being called from the mobile phone and any outgoing calls along with the duration and time of call but you won’t actually be able to listen in to a live phone call with this software. If your question about how to tap a cell phone specifically had listening in to a live call in mind, then this software is probably not for you. You will also get your own secure login to a website control panel where you will be able to see all of the recorded information that is gathered for the above information. So even if the user instantly deletes one of their text messages, for example, because they know it might be incriminating, your control panel will still hold all of the information in retrievable, storable and printable for to peruse at your leisure. You don’t have to be monitoring this software 24/7 because everything that happens on the phone is recorded for you!

However, as well as the benefits above, the cheaper spyware for cell phones can give you access to any incoming and outgoing emails to the cell phone, will allow you to see any surfed URLs and will also let you see any photos being sent to and from the phone. For most people that just need confirmation of an indiscretion, this is very often enough to confirm suspicions and all comes neatly wrapped up in a 50 dollar bundle. If you think about it, being able to see the text messages or the location of the phone will probably confirm what you need to know in most cases. Depending on the context of why you need to know how to tap a cell phone, it may be detrimental to actually listen in to the phone calls. Imagine that you are a husband who suspects that your wife is cheating on you, for example. Do you really want to hear what is being said between the guilty parties? OK, maybe you can stomach that and really feel the need to discover how this is panning out. However, the kind of mobile spying software that can do this will set you back another $300 over and above what you will pay for the cheaper version. Granted, that is still much cheaper than hiring a private detective. Imagine that I wanted to spy on my husband, can you think of a better way in this day and age than tracking his texts?

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So, you have two main choices, with about a $300 price tag between the two costs. You can have all of the benefits as described above, without the actual listening to calls live (or recording them) for around $50, or you can get the all-singing, all-dancing software that does all of the above but also allows you to intercept live phonecalls. Basically, in this more advanced version, you will get a text anytime a call is made between the target phone and any other number that you ask the software to look out for. On getting such an alert, you will be able to dial into the phone in order to listen in. Although the companies that make this more advanced software claim that this kind of cell phone spying is undetectable, there are reports of users hearing suspicious “clicks” or “momentary silences” that might alert a suspicious user to suspect they have been tapped. To be honest, I don’t know the veracity of these claims. For initial spying purposes, such as trying to find out if somebody is cheating on you, or to keep an eye on your kids and where they are and who or what they are texting, then I’d always recommend the cheaper version of the software. As I said before, If what you’re after is the answer to how to tap a cell phone, this is by far the most effective method, value-for-money wise.

If you follow the links on this page they will take you to the more basic (yet incredibly effective!) $50 software sign-up page. I think that’s all you’ll need, to be honest. Imagine the power of spying on the text messages alone, as well as use of some of the best cell phone tracking software available for location spying. And this is taking advantage of a $100 discount because this phone tapping software is usually sold for $149. I don’t know how long they’ll keep it at this price, so I’d suggest checking out their site, making sure that the target phone you have in mind is compatible (and that you’ll be able to get at least 10 minutes alone with the phone to upload the software to it – make sure you also know the lock or passcode if the phone is usually kept locked). And remember, once this software is installed, it is completely undetectable to the user. No icons, bleeps or any other giveaway tell-tale signs. I hope that you find the truth that you are looking for and I hope that I have been useful in terms of information on how to tap a cell phone.

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