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Tracking Wife's Cell Phone
How To Track Her Phone

A few people have written in recently asking “Is there a way of tracking my wife’s cell phone?” They usually want to either spy on the wife’s cell phone text messages or they want to actually see the location of the phone by tapping into the GPS system. Well there’s good news and bad. There is a product out on the market that will do this with most makes of phone. It’s called Spybubble and you can check out the $100 discount here. They’ve even upgraded recently so that you can even listen in to the calls that are being made to and from your wife’s phone – check out the post about Spybubble Pro Version here –

So, we’ve established a program (or app) that can do what you are asking for – and a whole lot of other stuff too. For example, you can see the phone’s entire web surfing history, see all SMS, see all emails sent and received and also track the location of the phone in real time using Google maps. You can do all of this once the app is installed on your wife’s cell phone. And what’s more, there’s a simple online area that you can log into, any time you want, to go and see all of this data either live as it happens or it will record it all for you to peruse any time you want. The great thing is – once installed, she won’t be able to detect it at all! It will be completely hidden within the phone – there are no icons, sounds, bleeps, lights or anything else to give a tell-tale sign that you can see into her cell phone world.

Now for the bad news – Tracking your wife’s cell phone data may well be illegal depending on where you live. Recently, though, the Federal Court ruled that police could use cell tracking technology legally. In most US states it is illegal to track or spy on cell phones unless you have ownership of the phone (i.e. you pay for it) and you have the express permission of the user to monitor its use. Obviously it’s not illegal to actually buy the product otherwise cell phone spying software wouldn’t be available all over the internet. The thing is, there are valid reasons for using the software as long as the end user is in the know. For example, many companies use this software to track what their employees are doing – are they where they are supposed to be at a certain time, are they giving away company secrets etc. The thing is, these companies have to get the employees to sign a waiver in order to use this software – showing that the employee knows that their company cell phone may be monitored.

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Another valid reason might be the concerned parent – who pays for their child’s phone but wants to monitor that they are using it safely for texts, calls and surfing online – again, this is a common use for the software that is deemed legal and valid.

Although many thousands are using such spying software to spy on their spouses – usually because they think they might be cheating, they are probably doing so illegally, depending on where they live. Laws change from country to country and State to State, but often the trackers might be in violation of local privacy laws or civil liberties. I’d be lying to you if I said that people are not using this software to spy on possible cheating wives or husbands – they absolutely are! I’d just want to caution you that you ought to check your local laws and possibly even consult a lawyer before entering into such an action.

So how do you use this thing once purchased, assuming you’re going to use it legally? Basically you need to purchase online – there are a variety of discrete payment methods and if you use this link there is a $100 discount still valid. Once paid for (in whatever currency you choose) you will be given a download key and the details for your secure login where you can do all the tracking from – any time and from any place in the world – no matter where the target cell phone is located. Once you have the download key comes the tricky part. You have to have access to the target phone to go to the download link and install the app. There is nothing that can do what this software app does remotely, unfortunately so it’s your only option – and this part can be tricky, I’ll admit, if you wife keeps her phone safely stashed away at all times or uses a PIN code that you do not know. There are some tips throughout the blog that gives you a few secret ways of getting around this – for example, buying a new phone as a present (having already installed the software, of course!) – Who doesn’t want a shiny new phone (the latest model!) handed to them on a plate? Or telling her about this awesome new app or game you discovered and telling her that you’ll download it to her phone for her – just get her PIN somehow.

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Anyhow, assuming you can now surf to the download site – you’ll need a few minutes with the phone – probably less depending on connection speed. And once it’s done it’s done. Probably worth going to the phone’s internet and download history and deleting at this point to just cover the tracks. But aside from that there will be no indication that there is now a spyware app downloaded and ready to transmit to you all of her mobile phone data. All you have to do is log in to your secure login and wait for the data to come through. This happens instantly, incidentally and is always there for you and stored. So you can track her location physically now as well as read all the texts, emails and see all of the call history, contacts, time and length of call etc etc. If you opt for the Spybubble Pro Upgrade you can even listen in live to calls she’s making / receiving and even use the phone as a remote environment snoop wherever the phone happens to be.

This software is powerful and hands down beats everything else on the market in terms of reliability, cost, compatibility with different makes of phone including all Windows, Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian –  and their customer service is second to none. Unlike some of their fly-by-night scammy competitors.

If you needed a reliable way of tracking your wife’s cell phone use then this is the program you need.

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