Who Keeps Calling My Girlfriend’s Mobile Phone?

I need to find out who keeps calling my girlfriend’s mobile phone!

I’ve been getting a lot of messages from suspicious husbands and boyfriends lately based around similar kinds of subject line: “I need to find out who keeps calling my girlfriend’s / wife’s cell phone.” Other guys are asking questions like “who’s been texting my wife?” or even, “who is my wife sending emails to?”

Of course, these kinds of questions are the first things to cross the minds of guys who suspected that their other half was cheating – and there are a number of ways of finding out this kind of stuff – including monitoring that person’s PC, cell phone or emails.

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Traditionally, of course, this kind of work would have found itself in the realm of Private Investigators. You’d be paying a guy big bucks to bug phone calls and tail the g/f or wife all day with his telephoto lens in hand – pretty much like you see on all those cheating spouse reality documentaries on TV.

Indeed, those kinds of documentaries have probably opened the minds – and fuelled the speculations – about how rife the cheating spouse phenomenon is. Research ( “Love, Sex and the Changing Landscape of Infidelity”, The New York Times, October 27, 2008” referenced here –  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infidelity#cite_note-3 ) shows that the rates of cheating spouses in the US (on data gathered since the ’70s) fluctuates around the 12% mark for men cheating and 7% for women. Obviously the statistics vary year on year and for different ages and other variations in demographic.

The thing is, though – it certainly goes on whether you want to believe it or not! So what can you do to help you decide whether those suspicious phone calls, emails or SMS / texts are coming from an unknown secret lover?

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There are three main ways (outside of hiring a P.I.) that I know of to do this. All of them will cost you some money, as you will be buying a piece of software to monitor the target’s cell phone, PC or other online hardware such as Ipad, tablet etc., essentially anything capable of remote communication in our modern society. However, the costs have come down over the past couple of years to way below what you would expect to pay a detective for a few hours’ work. It depends on how you suspect the illicit messages are being passed around – do you suspect your girlfriend is receiving phone calls from a lover or emails or texts and on what medium – perhaps all three? The software available covers almost all internet ready devices and almost all cell phones, nowadays. Whether it’s Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows or Symbian-based, this software will have a version that is compatible.

If you know, for example, that she is getting suspicious phone calls because she’ll never answer when you are around, or you’ve tried answering and the caller hangs up – you might just want to find out who owns the number that is calling (if her contacts list is not telling you). In this situation you might want to invest in one of the reverse call lookup services that are available. For a fee they will usually be able to furnish you with the contact details of the cell phone number – you can then go on to do your own investigations into that person.

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Taking this a step further, there is software that you can install on a target cell phone that will monitor all the data transmitted from and sent to it. Commonly known as cell phone spying software, this powerful app, once installed, will allow you to monitor text messages, emails, web surfing, IM (instant messaging) and a whole host of other information from the phone without them even slightly suspecting that you are doing it. It will allow you to see photos and images sent to and from the phone and you can even listen in to live calls. You can even track their movements via web applications like Google maps by tapping into the cell phone’s GPS tracker. This can be pretty damning information in itself! What if she’s telling you she’s going out to her girlfriend’s house for the evening and you can see that she’s in a downtown restaurant – or she keeps pulling into the same neighborhood night after night on her way home from work?

You can see why this kind of software is becoming ultra-popular with those that need to find out for sure, one way or the other, whether somebody has been cheating on them. Of course, the crunch comes with the ability to be able to read the text messages. Or even more so now – the ability to listen directly to the calls – or even use their phone as a spying tool to snoop on the environment that they are in by turning it on remotely to listen in on the speaker phone – this is the state of the art spying program that is selling lot hotcakes now at Spybubble – check out the Spybubble Pro Version here.

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The way this thing works is you need to be able to get the phone for a couple of minutes. You will have previously paid for the software through one of the links on this page (to collect the discount) and you will have been given a download key at that point. Then you need to use the phone’s internet connection to surf to the download site and then download the software straight onto the phone – it will be totally hidden from the user with no icons, lights, bleeps or any other hints showing that it is even on there. Once this step is complete you just need to log into the secure control panel that they give you access to from any internet ready device, anywhere in the world and you will be able to monitor the activities (described above) taking place on the phone. At your leisure you will have a secret window on their world that they won’t even know exists. All info will be recorded and stored for you to listen in live, monitor in real-time or store for later.

Before you invest in one of these spy apps you need to realize that their use in some States would be deemed illegal if you do not own the phone yourself and you have not informed the target user that you are monitoring their calls – by the way there is nothing illegal about actually purchasing the software. Businesses and employers can get around state laws by getting their employees to sign a waiver stating that they are aware that their company business, travel etc. may be monitored by the company through their company cell phones. Also if you are using the software to monitor what your child is doing online or on their cell (and you pay for that phone) then, of course, you are usually within your rights as a parent. It is up to you what you do with the software once bought – but I’d suggest reading through any provisos or legal disclaimers up on the site where you buy the spyware from.

Although many may consider the use of such software (there is also a PC spy version that can monitor emails, surfing history etc.) as morally ambiguous, there are many more who have seen the true power of such software to help them to see the lies that they are being told and who can therefore take steps to see through the deceit and get on with their lives and move on in a meaningful way. At the end of the day, you need to ask who is being immoral – the cheater or the one doing the spying on the cheater. There is no flame without fire!

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