Tapping a Cell Phone in Three Easy Steps

As times changed, a lot of things got easier for the average person when technology breakthroughs started to come one after the other in an impressive stream of gadgets and programs. Nowadays, it is very easy to tap a cell phone. Just to prove how easy it can be, we will split the process into three easy steps, telling you all there is to know when deciding to do this. So, here they are:

1) Purchase effective software
If you want to have access to cell phone data as a third party, the easiest way is to purchase good software for it. What does good software mean? Well, good software should be able to:
– be stealthy;
– cover a fair range of cell phone operating systems;
– record conversations;
– give access to SMS and MMS;
– track phone location through GPS;
– have effective technical support service;
– offer constant updates;
– have a good price.

– listen into private cell phone conversations

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In a nutshell, these are the main aspects you should be looking at while buying cell phone surveillance software. Of course, not all these features are demanded by all customers, but if a product offers all of these (or most of them), this is a sign that you are looking at a successful piece of software.

2) Install the software on the targeted cell phone
In order to install the program on the targeted mobile phone, you simply need a few minutes with it. It is as easy as it sounds. A good program will not leave traces after the installation and will not provoke visible manifestations – it will not give the carrier the chance to become suspicious.

Installing this type of software is not a professional hacker’s job – it usually works just like any other typical installation package, so the instructions are as easy as they can get – even a noob could follow them.

3) Monitor the data as a third-party observer
Here is the ideal scheme: after installing the software on the desired target cell phone, you will be able to monitor everything via the Internet. How? The official website of the software provider should be able to give you the chance to log onto an account and access all information via their servers.

With just a few clicks, you will be able to listen to recordings, view SMS and MMS conversations, and track down the phone user’s location through GPS. Basically, you will have access to any incoming and outgoing digital data, as if you were the one using the phone yourself. There is even a new feature where you can listen in to a third party private cell phone call live as it happens!

If, just a few years back, doing something like this would have been a MacGyver, Batman or James Bond stunt, today it is accessible to anyone who has elementary knowledge of cell phones and computers. Technological advances have made accessible a lot of cell spying methods that you would have thought to be under CIA monopoly, bringing the individual the same power that, some decades ago, was reserved for powerful institutions.

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