Using And Installing Spybubble On An Android Phone

There are a few things that you’ll need to know if you want to install or use Spybubble on an Android cell phone. There’s no need for complicated Spybubble installation instructions or a massive guide because the process is relatively pain free. It is a simple process as long as you follow these instructions. One of the first questions that I’m asked is whether you would have to connect the target mobile phone to a computer – this is not necessary because the software can be downloaded directly to the mobile via its internet connection – very much in the same way that you would connect any other app.

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First of all you will need to make sure that your Application settings are ready to receive the software. On the phone you should select the Home key and then go to Settings. Next you’ll need to click Applications. Because you’ve probably never downloaded from the site before you will need to tick the “Unknown Sources” check box.

Now that the app settings on the phone are geared up for receiving the download, you can get on with installing Spybubble. You’ll find the URL that you need to browse to at the Spybubble site. Depending on your model of cell phone, you’ll have a couple of options – one of which will be the correct download link. If your phone is a HTC Evo 4G or a Motorola or LG there will be one link. For any other type of Android phone there is a second option – make sure that you pick the correct one and then type that address into the URL box of your phone’s browser. You’ll notice that this is called a .apk file.

Once the download has completed, you’ll need to install the software to complete the process. To find the info that has been downloaded you should click on MenuMore and then Downloads. Once you see the .apk file that you downloaded you need to click it to start the installation. If you have any difficulties with this process you may need to download the free file APKInstaller. This installer can be found for free at the Android marketplace (press the Home button – find “Market” then search for APKInstaller). Installing this app will help you to install the Spybubble program if you were previously having problems.

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By now, Spybubble should be installed to the phone that you are targetting.You’ll now need to turn the phone off and on again to reboot it. You’ll see the Spybubble terms and conditions and will need to read them and, if applicable, accept them by clicking “I accept“.
This is the stage where you will be able to enter your license key so that Spybubble will actually start working on the phone. This part verifies that you have paid for the software so you will need to log into your account that you registered with Spybubble – using the email address that you used to sign up for. This is where you find your license key to finish the activation part of using Spybubble software. At this stage you might need to wait a minute or so, but you will know that the installation of Spybubble is successful if you see the message: Activation Successful.

There are a couple of things that you need to know that do show up in the phone so that you can avoid detection. Firstly, the download appears in the phone’s “Downloads” file as radio. This can easily be explained away by the fact that many phones  have inbuilt radios nowadays – it certainly will not draw attention to the fact that this is a spying app. You just might want to be ready in case the user notices this new feature called “radio” in the download list. You could also explain it away by saying you were looking for an online radio station.

The other thing you should do is delete the phone’s browsing history. It will obviously show that somebody has been to the  Spybubble website. To remove this entry you need to goto Menu then More then History. You will find the entry that refers to and you should hold this down with your finger until a sub-menu appears that will allow you to hit the delete button. Installing and using Spybubble on an Android phone is pretty straightforward and you should run into no problems if you follow this guide to the tee.

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