Video – Bottle Thrown On Track As Usain Bolt Breaks Olympic 100m Record

A bottle was thrown close to Usain Bolt just seconds before the start of the men’s 100 metre final at the London 2012 Olympics – as seen in the following video. Seen on video just as the athletes were getting their marks, the bottle landed some 2 to 3 metres away from Usain Bolt, just behind the start point of the race in the Olympic Stadium.

Usain Bolt Bottle Video

A man has been arrested and is being held at a London Police station in custody under the charge of causing a public nuisance.

Bronze medal winner Justin Gatlin acknowledged on a BBC website that he had heard the bottle land but did not believe that it had influenced the outcome of the race, which Bolt won, breaking the Olympic record with a 9.63 second time over the one hundred metres. Gatlin said that, due to the quietness in the stadium at the start of the race, you could have heard a “pin drop”. It’s clear from this description that a bottle landing nearby would have been noticed by all of the runners on the starting line.

Edith Bosch, the Judo specialist and Bronze medal winner from Team Netherlands later tweeted that she had “beaten” a drunk spectator who had thrown a bottle onto the track at the hundred metre sprint, according to the BBC news report.

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