Ways to Listen to Cell Phone Conversations

With the technology of today, things that two decades ago seemed to appear only in James Bond spinoffs are becoming more and more accessible to regular people. If cell phone tapping seemed to be something from a spy movie until the end of the ‘90s, it is now available to basically anyone, through various gadgets and pieces of software.

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Since you are reading this, we bet that the answer you are looking for is not “eavesdropping, you silly head!” You mean technology, and we do the same. There are many reasons for which you would listen to a certain cell phone conversation, and we are not here to judge. And you can listen to cell phone conversations through various means. We are going to keep away from heavy and expensive gadgets that the FBI or the CIA use, as they are, as you might have guessed, not really affordable and hard to come by.

Some ways of recording fixed line phone conversations require a telephone pickup coil or in-line tapping. When it comes to cell phones, however, things can get a lot less complicated, and this is because of technology: the more complex a system is, the more chances you have of using it to your advantage. It is true, after cell phones were invented, encryption and digital technology came along. Back in the days, if you were a little savvy or just lucky, you could intercept conversations with a rudimentary radio scanner or, funnily enough, with something as simple as domestic radio apparel. Sure, you cannot do that anymore, but technological breakthroughs brought better solutions.

Nowadays, more and more people own a smartphone, which is the easiest phone to tap. The reasons are quite simple. These phones come with complex operating systems, and complex operating systems come with gaps that can be exploited. Just like some viruses can infect your computer and steal your data for all sorts of reasons (commercial or not), specialized software can nowadays track your location, record your conversations or make copies of your files and text messages. These pieces of software come from developers and companies that have been in the business for a while now. All you need to do is to install the tracking software on the cell phone and, after that, trace the activity via an account offered by the provider, company which will also store received data on their servers. This is, basically, the only true affordable and widespread form of cell phone tapping.

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Tapping a Smartphone is not such a hard thing to do. As we said before, the software installation part usually takes just a few minutes. You buy the software and you install it, after which you can begin tracking data. Most companies ask for a one-time fee for the license of the product and monthly subscriptions to have access to the data. As far as amateur tapping can go, these fees are quite affordable for the average Joe.

Now you have some basing info on how to listen to a cell phone conversation; make sure you use it wisely.


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