Why Won’t He Text Me Back – Is He Cheating?

Why Won’t My Man Text Me Back? Video Reveals All Below!

There are all sorts of reasons why your husband or boyfriend may not be texting you back quickly. Mainly, these are down to simple reasons such as an emergency involving somebody else – he’s had to take them to hospital – or he has just let his battery run out.

It’s always a bit worrying when he doesn’t text you back because many women’s initial reaction is to panic and think the worst.

If there is some history of cheating or you suspect that things are going downhill in your relationship then this might be a valid reaction. However, most of the time, if your partner is not texting you back promptly after you’ve sent him a message – there’s usually a valid reason for it.

So WHY Does He Ignore My Messages?

Another thing – he just might not see the urgency in getting back to you via text message as you feel he should show. This often starts occurring when a marriage or relationship is starting to ebb a little and some of the initial excitement has started to wear off a bit. Again, it’s not necessarily something to worry about – but it might be something that you need to keep an eye on.

Check out the video below that talks through some of the common scenarios and may set your mind at rest a little when your man does not answer text messages as quickly as you might have hoped. Indeed, it may help you turn the tables on a lover who is, perhaps, not living up to your expectations or is not reacting as you might hope he might when you send out a little message of love to him and he won’t reply to your texts.

Learn how you can get him chasing you – rather than it appearing that you are the one always chasing him. These tips will get him excited again and help to create that little spark that you feel may be missing from your relationship right now.

Take a peek at the sound advice in this short video then click onto the site linked below it for some mind-blowing, revealing tips on getting your marriage or relationship back on the right tracks – with you being the one in control!

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